Robert Pleasant

Robert Pleasant

Robert Pleasant is a writer and unabashed nerd, contributing news coverage and editorial articles to SiliconANGLE. His experience includes writing articles for websites such as UCStrategies, G33k-HQ, and Green Tea Graffiti, covering a range of subjects in technology, gaming, and entertainment. Robert, known to his friends as Robbie, earned his degree in Creative Writing from University of California, Santa Cruz, before getting into the tech news field, and in addition to the writing he does for SiliconANGLE, enjoys creating original comedic stories in his downtime.

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3D printing website Shapeways gets hacked

3D printing aficionados be wary, as popular 3D printing services firm Shapeways, Inc. has just suffered a data breach. Customers are now receiving notices from the company, letting them know what information is and is not at risk. The exact time and means of the breach has not yet been disclosed, but Shapways is reporting […]

O2 breach is a stark reminder to change your passwords

Telecommunications company O2 (Telefonica UK Limited) is in hot water after data belonging to its customers went up for sale on the dark web. While O2 itself claims to not have been breached, the hackers still managed to get their hands on credentials that allowed them access to a wealth of customer information. However, that’s […]

Illinois voters at risk in recent data breach

Illinois voters took the time to make their voices heard, and in return, they received a data breach. The online voter registration portal has recently suffered from a hack, and as a result, voter registrants are at risk of having their personal information stolen. According to BatBlue, the Illinois State Board of Elections discovered a […]

“Clash of Kings” forum hacked, user data stolen

Mobile gaming is a big industry, which also makes it a big target. Combine that with the peculiar human tendency to ignore security patches, and you have the latest data breach, where the official forum for “Clash of Kings” was hacked and robbed of around 1.6 million accounts. The stolen player database was recently posted […]

Independent music labels suffer from a data breach

Buying music online is the norm these days, but like all things online, it comes with a new set of risks. In this instance, the risk of data breach, as has happened to Beggars Group, which is home to several independent music labels. The Guardian reports that Matador Direct, the US distributor for Beggars Group, […]

RNC attendees get hacked through fake Wi-Fi networks

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is in full swing, and while the theme seems to be “Make America Safe Again,” many attendees seem to have forgotten to keep their devices safe. In an experiment to both determine the average attendee’s device security and demonstrate the risk of connecting to public Wi-Fi, Avast Software set up […]

Cici’s Pizza data breach serves a slice of credit card theft

There are a few things you don’t want with your pizza. Some don’t like anchovies, others don’t enjoy pineapple on their pie, but it’s safe to say that the last thing anyone wants with their slice is a side of data breach. Unfortunately, such is the case at Cici’z Pizza, a popular chain, which has […]

Polish telecom data breach leaks 14gb worth of customer data

Netia SA., a Polish telecom operator, has just suffered a massive data breach. During an attack, hackers gained access to 14 gigabytes of customer data, and kept the website down for a good portion of the day. Now, Netia is in recovery mode. According to SC Magazine UK, Netia provides TV, Internet, and mobile telephony […]

Ubuntu Forums data breach exposes 2 million users

Ubuntu aficionados beware, as a data breach of the Ubuntu Forum has resulted in the leak of information for two million users. It should be noted that the breach has not hit Canonical Ltd., which runs the Ubuntu operating system, but rather the forum, so other services are still safe. The notice from Canonical explains […]

Pokemon GO: One free app’s big economic impact

It’s been about one week since Pokemon Go was released on mobile app stores, and it hasn’t stopped making waves since. Not only has it seen more downloads and activity than Twitter or even Tinder, but it’s shaking up businesses of all sizes. While Nintendo Co., Ltd. saw a sudden jump in its stock market value, […]