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Report: Apple working on an AI chip for iPhone and other devices

Despite its early success with its digital assistant Siri, Apple Inc. has trailed its big technology rivals in artificial intelligence. Now, according to one report, it’s working on a dedicated AI chip to help remedy that situation. A report from Bloomberg today said Apple’s processor, internally called the Apple Neural Engine, would provide improved services such […]

Tiny brains everywhere, plague-fighting microbiomes and eight more hot tech trends

Tiny brains will be embedded in everything, our bodies’ own microbes will prevent the next plague, and the Trump administration will sue Inc. and other tech giants for antitrust violations. Those are three of the hottest trends coming in technology in the next five years, according to five venture capitalists who made their predictions […]

Nutanix beats quarterly forecasts this time, and its shares soar 12%

After Nutanix Inc.’s shares tanked 14 percent March 2 when it issued a weak outlook, the maker of computer virtualization and storage appliances and software had something to prove this quarter. In short, it did. The company reported a profit before certain costs such as stock compensation of $60.8 million, or 42 cents a share, […]

Pure Storage shares surge as it beats profit and sales forecasts

Flash storage provider Pure Storage Inc. beat back doubts about its growth today, reporting better-than-expected first fiscal-quarter profit and revenue thanks to stealing a march on traditional storage rivals and winning new business in cloud computing and analytics. The company reported a net loss of $62.4 million, or 30 cents a share, but adjusted for […]

Google applies machine learning to help marketers better track ad impact

Are my ads working? That’s the essential question that every company faces with its marketing. Today, Google Inc. is aiming to help them find out how their ads and other marketing are working with a new service unveiled today at its annual Marketing Next conference in San Francisco. Google Attribution, as the company has named […]

First Facebook, now Google wants to make virtual reality more social

Playing catch-up with Facebook Inc., Google plans to make virtual reality and augmented reality more of a social experience in its next generation of headsets. The tech giant, which announced plans for its first standalone VR headsets Wednesday at its three-day I/O conference for developers, today unveiled a number of social features that will come […]

At I/O, Google debuts new Android O, AI chip, new Assistant and Photos features, VR headset

Updated with news and analysis: When Google Inc. held its last I/O developer confab a year ago, it looked like the tech giant had fallen behind rivals such as Inc., Facebook Inc. and even Microsoft Corp. on many fronts, from intelligent assistants and virtual reality to messaging and even mobile advertising. Not anymore. A flurry of […]

Google launches Cloud Spanner globally distributed database into production

Just three months after introducing its massive Cloud Spanner database in beta test, Google Inc. today made it generally available across the world. Described as the world’s largest database, Google’s Spanner is a relational database, the kind that stores data in familiar related rows and columns. What sets it apart from many rivals, such as the Oracle Corp. Database, Microsoft Corp.’s […]

Android, Assistant, AI and more: Here’s what to expect at Google I/O 2017 this week

When some 7,000 software developers descend on Google Inc.’s annual I/O conference starting Wednesday, they’ll be hoping to hear what the tech giant has coming next, from the upcoming Android O mobile operating software to new features for its Home smart speaker, its Daydream virtual reality system and more. This year, the rumors about what […]

With huge new graphics chip, Nvidia doubles down on AI and deep learning

Nvidia Corp. rocketed to semiconductor fame with its graphics processing units that helped create the hottest gaming personal computers, but today its original market almost looked like an afterthought. The company introduced a powerful new chip at its GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, that’s tuned in a number of ways for what Chief […]