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The BRCK – A Modem for the Modern Global Mobile Market

On Monday, USHAHIDI’s Kickstarter project “BRCK – your backup generator for the internet” hit it’s goal of $125,000 with eight days to spare. USHAHIDI, which means “testimony” in Swahili, is a non-profit tech company that originally began in early 2008 as an online platform tracking reports of post-election violence in Kenya. They began as a […]

Akira What? Women & Technology in Kenya

For the last few years I have been hanging out the iHub, Kenya’s first “tech” incubation hub.  Its a great place. You’ll find all sorts of folks milling about from 1st year students studying IT to CEOs of multi-national corporations. All in one place coming together, sharing ideas and often developing new and exciting ventures […]