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How Hollywood is reshaping Big Data visualization

Hollywood storytelling is reshaping the world Big Data. We’ve heard plenty about Big Data changing business, but here is an interesting angle on how the Hollywood business is reshaping Big Data. One great example comes by way of Tableau, the data visualization platform. They have been stocking up on film industry veterans to reach their […]

Hockey tech plays catch-up to the speed of the game | #SportsDataSV 2014

With advents like optical puck tracking, player tracking and even fight tracking technology, hockey is on the cutting edge of sports tech. San Jose Sharks COO John Tortora joins hosts John Furrier and Jeffrey Kelly on #theCUBE during our special #SportsDataSV event, to share some insight as to how the Sharks are utilizing technology to […]

Mobile tech is how the Earthquakes soccer team will stand out from NFL, NBA| #SportsDataSV 2014

During our #SportsDataSV 2014 special event, #theCUBE welcomed Dave Kaval, president of the San Jose Earthquakes soccer team. Sitting down with hosts John Furrier and Jeff Kelly, Kaval demonstrates a forward-thinking understanding of both technology and the role it plays in the fan experience during a sporting event. The first thing Kaval discusses is the […]

Infrastructure as code : the DevOps service model | #PerconaLive

Edging us ever closer to adding our 100th female tech athlete to #theCUBE alumni list, Blackbird CEO and Co-Founder Laine Campbell joined #theCUBE host Jeff Frick in between her keynote presentations this past week at PerconaLive 2014. Campbell chatted about her company’s recent merger, DevOps as a strategic focus, Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) roadmap, and […]

Cloud needs options for businesses : Rackspace details MySQL’s role | #PerconaLive

Percona Live 2014 is a conference that might not have all of the flashy marketing and promotions, but its importance to the developer community cannot go unnoticed. At the event #theCUBE welcomes Sam Anderson, Product Marketing Manager for Cloud Big Data Solutions at Rackspace, and Daniel Morris, Manager of Database Products at Rackspace. Anderson and […]

Cloud is the innovation engine, data the gas | #PerconaLive

SQL took the lead at #PerconaLive when Roger Levy, VP Product Management at SkySQL joins hosts John Furrier and Jeffrey Kelly on #theCUBE to talk about everything from SkySQL, to the enterprise, to commercialized software, to MariaDB. SkySQL has a very simple mission according to Levy, who recently left Hewlett-Packard to join SkySQL: To be […]

No foolin’ for Big Data : Cloudera, Intel + Pivotal make waves

Even April Fools Day was overshadowed this week by a few milestone Big Data announcements, the first being Cloudera’s massive fundraising round of $900 million; $740 million of which came from Intel for a hefty 18 percent ownership. In this week’s Data Economy column, Wikibon’s Senior Analyst Jeff Kelly discusses why this news is bigger […]

MySQL + flash, and laser-focused KPIs | #PerconaLive

Broadcasting from PerconaLive : MySQL Conference and Expo, theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Jeff Kelly invite Gary Orenstein, Fusion-io CMO, who takes the opportunity to announce some new features around his company’s flashware applications. Orenstein begins with some background on Fusion-io, describing how it started with a basic question: If we want to optimize the entire stack, […]

AWS Marketplace, where sales happen faster | #AWSSummit 2014

During our exclusive coverage of #AWSSummit 2014 last week, Barry Russell, Head of Business Development for AWS Marketplace, stopped by #theCUBE to discuss some pretty interesting things that are happening in his line of work. One interesting note from the interview was just how fast the AWS Marketplace has grown. When launched in April of 2012, […]

AWS good for growing startups : Many likely to “stay in the cloud”

The cloud is beginning to see adoption in the enterprise, and the race is on for Amazon, traditional vendors, and other newcomers like Google. Pricing wars aside, Amazon is looking to redefine the cloud in order to drive mainstream adoption in the enterprise. This week SiliconANGLE’s premier production #theCUBE was in San Francisco for Amazon’s […]