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Apple pulls ahead in race between Microsoft Band SDK and Apple WatchKit SDK

Microsoft has announced the availability of a substantial update to its wearable device, the first since the launch of the Band and the Health service first introduced about four months ago. The other likely contender for the developer mind share is Apple Watch SDK (WatchKit), which is expected to give a strong competitor to the Microsoft Band. Let’s […]

Scalable machine learning for smarter Big Data predictions | #BigDataSV

Machine learning helps enterprises use all of their data for better real-time predictions, improved decision-making processes and analyzing patterns. SriSatish Ambati, the CEO of (formerly 0xdata, Inc.) stopped by theCUBE during SiliconANGLE’s BigDataSV meet up with co-hosts John Furrier and Jeff Kelly to discuss how machine learning enables users to get more value from their existing […]

Where the mainframe meets Big Data: How Syncsort optimizes Hadoop | #BigDataSV

Syncsort continues its quest for the Big Data market. At the recently concluded BigDataSV event, Tendu Yogurtcu, Big Data GM for Syncsort, spoke with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Jeff Kelly about development around Hadoop and how her company is working closely with the Apache Hadoop community to simplify deployments. At the start of the interview, […]

IBM, ARM announce IoT Starter Kit based on Freescale board but not the price

The IoT Ethernet Starter Kit is a new hardware development kit dedicated to the world of connected objects. This solution, proposed by ARM Holdings plc (ARM), was created with the support of IBM. The only thing missing from the announcement is the price tag. The Starter Kit consists of a board with ARM processor, sensors, LEDs […]

Magic Leap imagines augmented reality for everyday use

In October 2014, the world discovered the existence of Magic Leap, Inc., specialized in augmented reality start-ups, with the financial support of Google, which has not hesitated to inject $542 million in this mysterious project. At the time, the founder and CEO Rony Abovitz of Magic Leap said, “when you see our technology, you will […]

The open source Autodesk Ember 3D printer is open for sale

Autodesk, Inc. is best known as a software company responsible for programs such as AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max and Maya, but the company plans to also have a say also in 3D hardware. To being its soliloquy to the industry the company has launched a printer called the Autodesk Ember 3D Printer based on Digital […]

Valve caught censoring torrent website references in Steam chat

Millions of Steam users communicate using the digital game distribution client’s chat to not only compare notes about games, but also as a social networking tool. However, Valve Corporation, the parent company that runs the Steam service, has begun to censor private chats between users, deleting messages containing links to websites for downloading torrent files, whether or not these […]

Where to buy a charger for the New Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is all set to release the new Nintendo 3DS XL in the US. The announcement has been met with much fanfare and interest in the new technology for this new handheld console. But, when Nintendo announced that the American version of new 3DS XL does not include charger, some fans were upset. After […]

Electronic Frontier Foundation files for DMCA exemption to protect abandoned and dead games

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed petitions regarding the Digital Millenium Copyright Act or DMCA, seeking to allow players to keep playing online games that are no longer supported by developers and publishers. A problem arises when game that requires back end services comes to the end of its profitable lifecycle and developers and publishers move on from that […]

Arbor report: Hacktivist and gamer groups are major sources of DDoS attacks

A new report says that the number of DDoS web attacks involving gamers and hacktivists has greatly increased in the past decade or so. These attacks typically involve attacking websites with massive surges of data and knocking them offline. The report, compiled byArbor Networks and cited by BBC News, examines 10 years of distributed denial of service (DDoS) […]