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Apple is Buying Enterprise Market Share in a Smart Way

There was a time when I didn’t like Apple… at all.  I thought that the company’s products were overpriced playthings not worthy of the enterprise or as contenders for the serious work of business. Today, though, that’s changed… I’m writing this blog post on my MacBook Pro Retina, which is sitting next to my iPhone […]

Breaking Analysis: Microsoft, Not Fairfax, Should Buy BlackBerry

Today, it was announced that BlackBerry has reached an agreement to be purchased for $9 per share by a group led by Fairfax Equity Holdings.  This deal values BlackBerry at $4.7 billion and should come as a surprise to no one, particularly given recent devastating financial news provided by the former smartphone king of the hill. […]

TrainSignal Acquired By Pluralsight in $23.6 Million Deal

Disclaimer: I’ve worked with TrainSignal for years as a contract instructor and have created ten training courses in that time.  As such, I’m definitely biased.  Bear that in mind as you read on. Today, TrainSignal and Pluralsight both announced Pluralsight’s acquisition of TrainSignal for a cool $23.6 million.  For a company that founder Scott Skinger […]

All is Not Quiet on Microsoft’s Battle Fronts

Microsoft is facing a number of challenges on a number of fronts.  This post describes some of the challenges and provides some of my thoughts on how Microsoft might address them. The Surface and Windows 8 This week, I was on SiliconAngle’s morning News Desk discussing Microsoft’s truly awful Surface sales figures. The short version […]

TechEd 2013: Microsoft Announces Broad Product Revisions

If you’re not following TechEd 2013, you’re missing some pretty big announcements from Microsoft.  This week, Microsoft announced major updates across many of its product lines.  While the coming updates may not hold the major significance that the Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 product wave enjoyed, it’s obvious that Microsoft is working toward a goal with […]

Xi3’s Unique Architecture Brings New Possibilities to the Desktop

The desktop is generally a boring place, stuffed with thick, noisy, energy-sucking devices that sit all day and take up valuable desktop space.  Of course, without these devices, business across the world would come to a standstill as just about everything in business relies somehow on people sitting behind their keyboards and interfacing with their […]

Exablox Exits Stealth with a Reimagined Object Storage Platform

It’s always interesting to watch as companies exit stealth with new products intended to address perceived market needs or shortcomings.  This week, Exablox, a new player in the increasingly crowded storage space, exited stealth and announced their OneBlox/OneSystem storage hardware/management software combination.  As a company, Exablox has made it their mission to “reinvent” storage and […]

Dell White Paper Explores Top Seven Networking Concepts Every Virtualization Admin Should Know

In addition to bringing you analysis and news updates here at SiliconAngle and at Wikibon, I write white papers and other collateral for a number of industry players.  Most recently, I wrote a white paper for Dell Software.  This new white paper explores the critical networking concepts every virtualization administrator should understand to ensure their […]

Microsoft Surface Pro: A Hands-On Review

I’ve written articles about the Microsoft Surface devices – both RT and Pro.  While I continue to believe that the RT devices – along with the RT version of Windows 8 – are non-starters, I also believe that the Surface Pro is a device that has a number of redeeming qualities with the primary benefit […]

Microsoft Updates Office 365 Business Offerings

This week, Microsoft released the business-facing editions of their updated Office 365 suited, following on the heels of their consumer-focused offering that hit streets in January. Like the consumer-focused version, many of the new Office 365 editions come bundled with the full Office 2013 suite or, if you’re a Mac user, Office 2011. As you […]