Stuart Miniman

Stuart Miniman is an active member of the networking (Ethernet and SAN), virtualization (vExpert 2011, 2012, 2013) and cloud communities. Stu is a proponent of linking information and people in IT by leveraging the latest tools and processes from the innovation and social media communities.In past positions including sales, product management and strategic planning, he has focused on the needs of customers by working with partners to deliver the solutions or information that the customers require. Stuart worked at EMC for 10 years; with a primary focus on storage networking and virtualization technologies. He also worked with voice/video/data solutions at Lucent Technologies (now Avaya) and power solutions at American Power Conversion. He has spoken at many industry conferences and writes for his own blog.Stuart holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Bryant University.

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The radical reinvention of the data center

This is a sponsored post commissioned by Dell EMC. Sponsor Posts are identified paid posts that appear on all pages of, supporting editorial efforts. Premise Chief information officers understand that the operational model of the past – where “keeping the lights on” took a majority of the information technology department’s time – cannot continue. […]

CrowdChat highlights resonance of #serversan

Industry interest in Wikibon’s definition of the new Server SAN architecture has been strong. Top industry podcasts in cloud (The CloudCast), virtualization (VMware Community Roundtable) and storage (SearchStorage) have had me as a guest to talk about the topic. This week, we held a CrowdChat, co-hosted by Howard Marks, Gunnar Berger and myself, on Server […]

Cisco Buys Whiptail : Impact on Storage Partnerships – Breaking Analysis

Flash changes everything. As Wikibon has been discussing for a few years now, flash has a significant impact on system and storage architecture. For a long time, storage consumption was measured in capacity and cost ($/GB). With the advent of flash, performance and latency have become very important (see Storage Cost as a Function of […]

Convergence Pushes Services Up the Stack

Stack solutions like VCE’s Vblock, NetApp’s FlexPod and HP’s Converged Infrastructure look to bust the traditional silos of IT and create pools of resources. While solutions can be shipped as a single SKU (see David Floyer’s Rule of One), it does not mean that the infrastructure is now an iPad with an “instant-on” button. If […]

Video: Angry Nerds – Network Management Ninjas Tame the Monster Boss

I ran across this funny video that play off of Office Space and Angry Birds – two of my favorite media pleasures. More relevant after observing #theCUBE  network convergence action at the various technology shows The video was created from Boston based Ipswitch that gives a funny look at how their technology helps turn the […]

HP Discover: Doubling Down on Convergence in Vegas

HP helped create Silicon Valley and is one of only a handful of technology brands that is known worldwide. Being a huge company of over 300 thousand employees with many products and services, it can be difficult to pin down what HP’s mission is today. At HP Discover this week, over ten thousand gather to […]

The Cube Deuce: HP Discover and Dell Storage Forum Dual Broadcasts

The Cube has been called “The ESPN of Tech” and to extend our coverage of tech athletes, for the first time we will roll out “ESPN2” and broadcast two big industry events – HP Discover and Dell Storage Forum – in a single week. Tune in for independent coverage of two tech bellwether company’s customer […]

NetApp Growth and the Waves of Virtualization and Convergence

While NetApp has not changed it’s tagline from “Go further, faster”, they talked about having a goal of being Infinite and Immortal, so I thought a Highlander reference was in order. At NetApp’s analyst event this week, CEO Tom Georgens and his executive staff put forward a strong vision of how NetApp will continue to […]

EMC’s Data Scientist Land Grab

In the IT world, there are few ideas that are truly revolutionary. Even the big waves of the Internet and latest mobile craze started with sharing text, added pictures, then music and ultimately video. VMware’s CEO Paul Maritz said that anyone over 40 could think of cloud computing as a “software mainframe”. One of the […]

Everybody is a Networking Winner at Interop in Vegas

Optimism was abundant at Interop in Las Vegas this week. Attendance and energy was up from the more economically subdued shows of the last two years. While I only got to spin through the event for a few hours, I did get to talk to a bunch of the companies and bloggers at the show. […]