Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins

With 29 years in the engineering world, Tim Hawkins is currently a liveblogger for SiliconANGLE.com. Tim spent 12 years in the defense industry, with tenures at the US Army Corps of Engineers and Northrop Grumman, before shifting focus to the manufacturing sector. Tim served as a product engineer for Abbott Labs, manufacturing engineer for ANS Medical, and as a test engineer for Flextronics, helping those companies to manufacture better products in a more productive and safe way.

Tim enjoys hardcore gaming, excessive reading, getting lost on the dark corners of the Internet and being a general introvert.

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Where is data going? The future of data-driven industry

One of the most relevant conversations at this week’s Informatica World asks, where is data going? The digital transformation and shift to enterprise and cloud currently sweeping virtually all manner of companies and their information technology organizations is hot news, but there are still questions to be asked about the future of data-driven industry. Finding out how Informatica […]

SAP says strategic partnerships key to consumer confidence

In today’s software-driven information technology industry, strategic partnerships that run from the data center to the edge of the network are critical in helping to ensure products and services deploy on time and operate in the most efficient manner. Tackling security blind spots and other potential pitfalls of industry collaboration, SAP SE leverages its partner ecosystem […]

Dell EMC redesigns Isilon to store more using less space

With current storage trends in the enterprise, including all-flash and virtualization capabilities, there is an increasing demand for more performance and unconstrained scalability without compromising on enterprise features or protocols, according to Eric Seidman (pictured), senior manager of product marketing, Emerging Technologies Division, at Dell EMC. Plus businesses demand security and protection from their storage platforms. “We took […]

How software-defined storage helps legacy hardware, siloed data centers

Digital transformation is a phrase that has been kicked around quite a bit lately as more and more companies seek to fully modernize everything from their networks and data centers to compute and even storage arrays. Software-Defined Storage is using software to manage the data plane on any storage device or array on a given network, explained Narasimha […]

Red Hat’s Open Innovation Labs leverages culture, self-serve platforms

Around a year and a half ago, Red Hat Inc. was tapped by its strategic advisory board to create a program that would demonstrate Red Hat’s methods of software building and implementation. The resulting Open Innovation Labs program has since partnered with a total of 12 organizations worldwide, on two continents. The most promising results so far have shown […]

How the OpenShift.io toolset is making life easier for DevOps

One of the more exciting announcements at this year’s Red Hat Summit was Red Hat Inc.’s launch of a highly anticipated set of DevOps tools called OpenShift.io. The tools were created with Red Hat’s OpenShift environment in mind, and in addition to solving issues such as difficulties with toolset integration or the need to familiarize oneself with third-party files, such as […]

Dell EMC targets telecom market with OpenStack solutions for scaling applications

Dell’s acquisition of EMC may have jump-started the hardware titan’s enterprise cloud efforts, but it was open source development platforms that helped pave Dell’s path to customers in new markets, including telecommunications. Many of Dell’s customers were vocal about wanting some sort of open-source cloud platform on which to build those enterprise solutions, said Armughan Ahmad (pictured), senior […]

How did this health services company handle its shift to the cloud?

Health services and innovation company Optum Inc. recently found itself in the same position as many other companies trying to make the move to the cloud: Pondering what to do with its legacy assets. The company ended up turning to open source and a mix of solutions. “… We brought in Red Hat and OpenShift, [and] we’re […]

Does OpenStack have an advantage over proprietary cloud solutions?

The intent behind Rackspace Inc. and NASA’s OpenStack project was to build a community around the first fully open-source cloud platform towards the creation of cloud infrastructure. At the time in 2010, development resources were split between both public and private cloud solutions, pitting OpenStack against market giants like Amazon Web Services with their own proprietary […]

Data streams and AI bridge expectations and ads

Less than a decade ago, sales and marketing people were using the tried and true methods for talking with their customers. Telephone, email and standalone chat programs, such as ICQ or Yahoo Messenger, were marketing industry standards. And while those methods are still in use today, the number of available communication channels between customers and sales and […]