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VMware enlists more than 1,000 social media evangelists | #vmworld

Social media success isn’t about marketing; it’s about passion for people and for what you do. That’s the attitude VMware, Inc. is taking as it fields a force of elite evangelists it calls vExperts. VMware has anointed more than 1,000 members of its online communities “who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed […]

Reinventing storage: Data protection is not just backup| #VMworld 2014

World domination does not happen from day one for startups, warns Paula Long, serial entrepreneur and current CEO and Co-Founder of DataGravity, Inc. “It is a risk game,” she elaborated in a heartfelt talk with John Furrier and Dave Vellante. theCUBE co-hosts and the charismatic guest sat down during VMware, Inc.’s annual VMworld conference to […]

The biggest surprise Etsy encountered when applying HP Vertica to search | #HPBigData2014

In a time when Big Data forces companies to re-architect hardware, software and hierarchies, Chris Bohn, Senior Database Engineer with Etsy, Inc. shares the biggest surprises and the true cost of implementing Hewlett-Packard, Co.’s HP Vertica products into the ecommerce platform. “Interface is everything,” disclosed Bohn to theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante, recognizing its […]

Will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide? | #HPBigData2014

Is there going to be a war on database formats, and will the worlds of Hadoop and Big Data combine or collide in the enterprise?  These questions were raised just before Janath Manohararaj took the stage at SiliconANGLE’s roving news desk theCUBE, as the Team Lead of Database Services with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Assoc. spoke […]

4 use cases for Spark : Transforming large-scale data analysis | #BigDataSV

Matei Zaharia, an assistant professor of computer science at MIT and the initial creator of Apache Spark, took the stage at Strata 2014 to speak about the Spark open source project and about the way companies are using it. Currently the CTO of Databricks, Zaharia offered the audience some insight into where the edge in […]

IBM’s new storage strategy : Optimize software + hardware combo | #IBMEdge

A software person by background, landed in a division perceived by the world as hardware, Jamie Thomas, GM Software Defined Systems & Storage with IBM, joined John Furrier and Dave Vellante in theCUBE, during IBM Edge 2014 event in Las Vegas, to talk more in depth about what her software background allows her to do […]

Technology is easy. Changing culture and its people is hard | #IBMEdge

Broadcasting live from Day Two of IBM Edge 2014 in Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, John Furrier and Dave Vellante, theCUBE co-hosts, caught up with Jeff Guenthner, Director Solutions Architecture with Chouinard & Myhre, Inc., to talk about enterprise software and professional Services selling, as well as other trends in the industry. Kicking off the […]

On the move from IBM to Lenovo : Data integrity exec talks relationships | #IBMEdge

For the second day of IBM Edge 2014 in Las Vegas this week, John Furrier and Dave Vellante, theCUBE co-hosts, caught up with Norman Filicetti, the President of Data Integrity awardee of the Winning Edge in IBM’s System x server category (see the entire segment below). “The Winning Edge Award was given to us for […]

Software-defined IT : The past, present and future | #IBMEdge

The IBM Edge 2014 show kicked off today in Las Vegas, bringing together more than 5,500 technology leaders and practitioners from all industries to learn the latest in infrastructure innovation. Dave Vellante and Jeff Frick invited Jon Toigo – Managing Partner at Toigo Partners International – to theCUBE, to discuss software-defined trends and the TAPE […]

Where IBM fits into software-defined networking trends | #IBMEdge

Broadcasting live from IBM Edge 2014, currently taking place in Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman, theCUBE co-hosts, caught up with Rohit Mehra, VP of Network Infrastructure with the International Data Corporation (IDC), to talk about what’s driving cloud and data center infrastructure growth, networking and the transformation of enterprise IT. […]