Infographic: The Cost of the PlayStation Network Hacks and Shutdown

what-will-the-psn-hack-cost This past month saw one of the biggest gaming network shutdowns in our history when Sony yanked the plug on the PlayStation Network in the wake of having customer data exposed by hackers. It took almost 20 days for the service to start to come back again and now that it is, Sony is still taking blows from poor security practices as well as other exploits and hacks unrelated to the PSN takedown such as having a web presence become host to a parasitic phishing scam.

Sony has been suffering hugely under the weight of the hacks and the total damage from the recent tsunami. Not to mention how much this has injured their consumer base who, while the PSN remained down, discovered that they couldn’t use their near $300 consoles to play almost anything. Even now it has put Sony under special scrutiny by Congress for allowing the privacy of their users to be so easily breached.

It’s been a strange road to where Sony is now in regards to how much they’ve lost over the whole debacle; and it will probably be a longer road to recovery.

Daily Infographic brings us a little levity to the seriousness of the situation by putting it together in visual form:


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