How Professionals are Using LinkedIn: Infographic

If you’re tech savvy, chances are, you’re one of those people who have accounts on virtually all social networks across the internet today. As a professional, it would be hard to look past LinkedIn. It’s got a lot of value, if you know how to work it.

A recent survey from Lab42 shows that 61 percent of professionals use LinkedIn as a networking site more than Facebook (22 percent) and Twitter (4 percent).  Thirty-five percent of the users say they access LinkedIn everyday, 32 percent a few times a week and only 1 percent said never.  Eighty-one percent of LinkedIn users belong to at least one group, and 52 percent of them are active in discussions.  Professionals who update their LinkedIn profile reached up to 42 percent of the users.

Professionals think the site is useful because it helps them connect with clients–it’s a landfill of people they can hire and network with, and it’s more professional than Facebook. However, most of them don’t really pay for a premium LinkedIn account.  That is to say 60 percent use LinkedIn free and clear, while 26 percent pays for Business Plan ($19.95 a month), 8 percent pays for Business Plus ($39.95 a month) and 5 percent Executive ($74.95).

Another survey also details the value of the LinkedIn and the ambivalent attitude of a big fraction of its users. There are also some talks about LinkedIn and Twitter moving entirely to the Facebook platform, following the announcement of a raft of media apps for Facebook.

But even the president sees value in LinkedIn’s community.  President Obama will hold a town-hall meeting today to push his $447 billion job plans, hosted at the LinkedIn Corp. headquarters in Mountain View, California.  He’s been touring to Washington, California and Colorado these past few days.

“When the opportunity to work with LinkedIn came up, it was a no-brainer,” said Macon Phillips, director of digital strategy at the White House. “There’s no better way to connect — not just with people in California, but across the country.” The White House asked the company to host the event, Phillips said in a telephone briefing last week.

Kristina Farrah

A ninja, a tech enthusiast and a lover of sparkly things. Writing in the tech space has become an important part of my role as an observer and historian. As passionate as I am in what I do, I look forward to telling stories of how technological advancement broke out to unprecedented levels, and that I was right there in the middle of it –watching the world change before my very eyes.


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