Gadgets To Boost Your Juice: Battery Power Ups

Situation 1:  You’re out to meet your friends at this newly opened restaurant.  You’re already on your way when you realized you don’t know where it is, so you pull out your phone to call one of your friends and ask for directions.  You dialed your friend’s number and when she picks up, your phone completely dies.  You forgot to charge your phone earlier.

Situation 2:  You’re out having fun and you taking a lot of photos with your digicam and phone.  Every one’s having fun and then something outrageously awesome happens and when you pull out your phone and digicam to snap a photo, you find out both gadgets no longer have juice.  Major bummer!

Gadget fail

How many times have your gadgets failed you when you most needed them most?  Missing the opportunity to take a snapshot or video of that once in a lifetime moment, unable to attend a party because you didn’t get the message because your phone died, or even failing to meet a deadline because your laptop ran out of juice while you’re on the road.

If you’re always experiencing these bad situations, this article is definitely for you.  Below are some products that will add power to your most prized gadgets.


The Powerbag doubles as a carry-all bag and a portable charging station.  It comes in various designs from backpacks, messenger bags, and brief cases to cater to your mood or needs.  It comes with a battery, Apple connector, Micro- and Mini-USB connectors and an on-board USB port.  It can charge up to 4 devices at once anywhere, anytime.  One Powerbag charge will boost the average smartphone at least 2X.


Solarfocus Technology CO., a company devoted to next generation solar technology and solar innovation, has a few products that would help boost your gadget’s juice.

  • SolarKindle – features a thin, flexible, lightweight and high performance triple junction amorphous solar panel charges the Kindle from sunrise to sunset in direct sunlight or shade; LED reading light built into the cover provides up to 800 lux of illumination; A built-in 1500 mA reserve battery powers the reading light and provides extra power for the Kindle; Stylish leather-like/leather/leatherette case is smart looking and comfortable. A fully charged reserve battery requires only eight hours of direct sunlight and provides up to 80% of backup power to the Kindle – almost three days of use time for each hour of charging.

  • SolarMio Pro – a flexible, lightweight and durable solar product, designed to provide power for your portable electronics such as mobile phones, AA NiMh rechargeable batteries, bluetooth devices, MP3 etc.  It has a battery over-charging protection so you won’t have to worry about over-charging your gadgets as well as over-loading protection.


MiLi Power Inc. is a company that uses creative design, aesthetic appeal and innovative battery technology to develop powering and charging solutions for today’s mobile devices. They have a range of products designed for Apple, Android and Windows devices to boost their power like battery cases and external batteries.

  • Battery cases – Mili Power Spring 3, Mili Power Spring 4/S, Mili Power Pack, Mili Pwer iBox
  • External battery – Mili Power Candy for iPhones, Androids and Windows, Mili Power Spirit, Mili Power Angel, Mili Power Crystal, Mili Power Miracle etc.


The Japanese electronics company, Sanyo, released their Mobile Booster product line last year, which enables you to charge your device while on the go.

  • Mobile Booster KBC-L3A is based on SANYO’s Lithium-Ion-Technology and offers a capacity of 2500mAh. It integrates a lithium-ion battery that fully charges in approximately seven hours via the USB port of a computer.
  • Mobile Booster KBC-L2B  is the most powerful Mobile Booster available with its two Lithium-Ion batteries of 5000mAh in total
  • Mobile Booster KBC-E1S USB charger comes with two eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in size AA which only needs 4 hours to be fully charged to supply 70 minutes of power.  Plus, the eneloop batteries can be used for other battery-operated devices.

Those are just a few gadgets to help boost the life of your electronic devices so you never have to suffer another “dead battery situation” ever again.  There are a lot more battery boosting gadgets out there, but it’s better to opt for trusted brands.  Money-wise, gadgets made by trusted brands last longer and they are also good for your devices.

Mellisa Tolentino

Staff Writer at SiliconANGLE
Mellisa Tolentino started at SiliconANGLE covering the mobile and social scene. Over the years, her scope expanded to Bitcoin as well as the Internet of Things. SiliconANGLE gave Mellisa her break in writing and it has been an adventure ever since. She’s from the sunny country of Philippines where people always greet you with the warmest smile. If she’s not busy writing, she loves reading, watching TV series and movies, but what she enjoys the most is playing or just chilling on the couch with with her three dogs Ceecee, Ginger, and Rocky.


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