Will Apple Release the iPhone 5 in June?

Today’s mobile roundup features the EU antitrust probe on Motorola Mobility, iPhone 5 in June, more news regarding the Android platform and more.

iPhone 5 by June?

During an interview in a Japanese TV show, a Foxconn recruiter let slip that they are now hiring more workers in preparation for the June launch of the iPhone 5.  Well, if this is true, Apple must be pissed at the Foxconn recruiter since the company is known for keeping everything in lockdown until the time is right.  But, in the recruiter’s defense, it looks like he was oblivious that he was being interviewed.

Motorola under scrutiny from EU

Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. filed separate complaints against unfair licensing conditions and abusive litigation by Motorola Mobility and the European Union officially began their antitrust investigation of the two cases.

The EU will investigate as to whether or not “Motorola has failed to honor its irrevocable commitments made to standard-setting organizations” to license its technologies to other companies on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

This could possibly hinder the Google-Motorola acquisition, which is currently is in its final stages.  And if ever the deal was approved, any wrong doings of Motorola or Google will not be exonerated.

Google bits and pieces

Did you know that in 2011, Google only made $1.70 per Android device sold?  This is dwarfed by Apple’s $576.30 per iOS device sold.  But some argue that you can’t expect Google to earn much directly from Android since it’s a free platform, and that their revenue come from ads.  Oddly enough, Google still earns more from iOS devices than Android when it comes to ad revenue.  Simply put, Apple is making Google rich. ;)

While Google’s reach stretches beyond its own OS, the search giant still faces a long-standing legal battle against Oracle.  The two companies appeared in court in the hopes of arriving at a settlement to finally end their patent infringement dispute.  Unfortunately, the six-hour long settlement meeting wasn’t fruitful and they’ll soon be meeting in court for the trial proper.

“Despite their diligent efforts and those of their able counsel, the parties have reached an irreconcilable impasse in their settlement discussions,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal said in an order filed Monday.

“No further conferences shall be convened. The parties should instead direct their entire attention to the preparation of their trial presentations. Good luck,” Grewal said.

In other Google news, the company’s revealed the latest numbers for Android OS market break down, showing that Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly rolling out to compatible devices and now comprises 2.9% of the market, much to the delight of Fandroids.  Still, the Gingerbread version is the most used/popular version of the platform at 63.7%.

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Samsung delays tablet release

Both versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the 7 and 10.1 inch were expected to arrive in the UK market last month, but Google and Samsung figured they still had a lot of things to work on regarding the Android Ice Cream Sandwich platform and the Galaxy Tab 2 device.  The tablets are now scheduled to arrive at the end of April.

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