Could the next Xbox be an Azure Cloud-Box?

Could the next Xbox be an Azure Cloud-Box?

Xbox meets cloud computing.  Well, that’s hardly a stretch as it’s already happening on today’s Xbox.   The Xbox is already a cloud-enabled device by virtue of having Xbox Live users able to cloud-upload their saved games for access from any Xbox 360 console.  However, a quick look at some strategic factors appears to point to a more, better, always cloud enablement for a next generation Xbox.

Cloud-based gaming is relatively new on the scene of course, and there are a number of examples such as OnLive, Sony (Gaikai), and even Gamestop stepping in and rolling out their own services sometime next year.   A cloud-based Xbox offering would be a strategic boon, for a number of reasons. The Xbox has been keen on service and portal based strategy for some time.  The thought of applying virtualization technologies such as resource allocation based user load, game type, and network conditions can make this a very scalable and robust system.  Ultimately, how these things all connect remain to be seen, but there are a number of quite open but somewhat neglected indicators that point to something big.

Some of the elements that come into play when contemplating this kind of shift really take a step back in perspective on the state of technology.  For one, bandwidth has long been the bane of server-based computing.  New mobile network and broadband capabilities have closed that gap considerably in the last few years.  The Azure platform certainly comes to mind as another valuable property in this picture.  The IaaS infrastructure service from Microsoft already is host to a number of the company’s service offerings.  How that infrastructure relates to the Xbox will be an interesting thing to observe.

Another advantage point brings to mind long heard statistics of the losses that Microsoft has endured in subsidizing the hardware and technology in the Xbox.  A cloud-based Xbox could alleviate the demands of hardware.  But it gets more interesting than that and we are diving in to bring you how these things might be aligning in the market and for Microsoft as it continues to evolve its Xbox properties.

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  1. @furrier XboxLIVE is already Azure powered. And remember David Cutler is now working on the next gen IEB/Xbox stuff. He built Azure (and NT)

  2. @furrier agree! Hottest IT firm on the planet right now. Definitely got the mojo back.

  3. @furrier agreed. I think Microsoft got its mojo back!

  4. @furrier but what do you think of win8?

  5. @degusta it depends on the bet .. I’ll bet on Xbox all day long

  6. @PaladorBenjamin no opinion I use Mac .. Haven’t used or played with msft

  7. @furrier Deal. I bet Apple sells more of its “hobby” AppleTVs in a Q than Microsoft does of its lynchpin Xboxes. Oh wait, I already win. :)

  8. @degusta ha that’s good what about installed xboxes

  9. @furrier More iPads in ~2 years than Xboxes in ~10. What important metric do you think Xbox is going to win on? (or is winning on?)

  10. @degusta hey I read your blog love some of those indepth should updated the newspaper (media) one.. ipad is companion to xbox

  11. @furrier heheh thanks! it’s on my to-do list to update news & music, just been a bit busy. Then what’s xbox – just an Apple TV competitor?

  12. @degusta I was the first blogger to report the Apple TV two years ago.. cc@rizzn for air support on xbox convo

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