Baidu’s Bigger, Better And Faster Mobile Experience

Baidu’s Bigger, Better And Faster Mobile Experience

China’s got a well deserved reputation for being one of the biggest copycats of them all, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the capability to innovate. As Baidu has shown recently with a number of new product announcements at his year’s Baidu World, China’s more than capable of not just adopting western ideas, but enhancing them too…

Faster Mobile Browsing

There are plenty of alternative browsers to choose from in China’s fertile Android market, such as the popular UCweb browser that’s already sewn up a huge chunk of the Asian market and recently spread its wings westward. But it seems that the battle of the mobile browsers is only just beginning; Baidu has just updated its own application, and proudly boasts that it’s not just the fastest in the world, but can also download web applications as if they were native apps.

More Cloud Space

Earlier today, Baidu announced that it’s set aside an almighty $1.6 billion to propel itself to the top of the cloud computing arena, according to a Reuters report. The Chinese web giant previously launched its Baidu WangPan service in March, offering 15GB of free storage to all new users, a far more generous offering than the 2GB that comes with DropBox. Such an investment underlines Baidu’s intent to make cloud computing the number one storage option in a nation that recently saw its number of smartphone users overtake desktop internet users for the first time.

Better Perspectives

You might think that Baidu would struggle to better Google Maps, what with its StreetView, satellite view and all of its public transport links and whatnot. Well, think again. Baidu Maps now has something that Google doesn’t have – 3D, Sim City-style maps that bring a whole new perspective to mobile orientation, with incredibly detailed, colorful and bright isometric views of the country’s biggest cities. As TechInAsia points out, Baidu Maps makes it easier than ever to get to grips with your surroundings.

Mike Wheatley

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