Stand Down, Liar! HP’s Battle Cry Heard Around the World

Last week saw drama rarely seen in the tech world when the numbers from Autonomy didn’t match what HP had paid for; Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch fired back at accusations with an open letter to HP, but the content of his letter didn’t turn any heads. Whereas the reply, as reported by John Furrier, boiled down to: “Stand down liar, we’re taking you to court.” SiliconANGLE has been on the exclusive with this since John Furrier broke the story last week.

Wikibon rode into the fray with a pair of articles about current focus in the tech industry: Big Data and Windows 8. The two topics are separate, of course, with Big Data being this week’s Peer Insight about how Tapad is using hardware and software solutions (Flash SSDs and NoSQL) to provide a powerful data analytics. On the Windows 8 front Wikibon’s Scott Lowe wrote about an IT director who successfully migrated a Windows 7 shop to Windows 8.

In the space of IT infrastructure, Bert Latamore wrote about a phenomenal undercurrent leading the way with software-led infrastructure. The eventual rise of a software managed, software automated data center is closing in quickly.

Finally, in the Bitcoin world, Kyt Dotson wrote about an event that happened this week—the reward for mining a Bitcoin block halved from 50 to 25. The halving event was easily predicted in advance because of how the Bitcoin difficulty algorithm works (and how the currency controls its total numbers).

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Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson is a Senior Editor at SiliconAngle and works to cover beats surrounding DevOps, security, gaming, and cutting edge technology. Before joining SiliconAngle, Kyt worked as a software engineer starting at Motorola in Q&A to eventually settle at where he helped build a vast database for pet adoption and a lost and found system. Kyt is a published author who writes science fiction and fantasy works that incorporate ideas from modern-day technological innovation and explore the outcome of living with those technologies.
Kyt Dotson


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