10gen Promotes Max Schireson to CEO to Scale the Hell Out of 10Gen

10gen President Max Schireson on theCube at #OOW

SiliconANGLE theCUBE alum Max Schireson was promoted to CEO of 10gen from President according to the company. Co-founder and former CEO Dwight Merriman will continue to serve as Chairman in a full-time capacity.

10Gen powers MongoDB is an open source database system.  At Oracle Openworld I sat down with Max Schireson recently to talk about the company’s rapid growth and progress (see the full video below).

MongoDB bridges the gap between relational database management systems (RDBMS) and key-value stores — instead of storing data in tables and rows, MongoDB stores data in documents with dynamic schemas. Thousands of organizations of all sizes are using MongoDB for a range of scenarios including operational intelligence, content management, product data management, high volume data feeds, user data management, Hadoop and more.

10Gen is smoking hot with recent investment from Red Hat and Intel.  In addition, they are hiring in industry professionals like Ed Albanese from Cloudera among other heavyweights to scale up and bring the power of big data to the web stack developer community.

10Gen’s growth coincides with the customer expansion that has occurred. Initially MongoDB was mainly being utilized by web companies like Craigslist, Foursquare, and Shutterfly. They have now expanded into banks and telcos as well.

Initially MongoDB was mainly being utilized by web companies like Craigslist, Foursquare, and Shutterfly. They have now expanded into banks and telcos as well.

10gen has more than 500 commercial customers including many of the world’s leading brands, such as Cisco, Craigslist, Disney, EA, eBay, Ericsson, Forbes, Foursquare, Intuit, LexisNexis, MTV, Salesforce.com, Shutterfly and Telefonica. 10gen partners include Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware. Common use cases include operational and analytical big data, content management and delivery, mobile and social infrastructure, user data management and data hub.

MongoDB is the open-source, document database popular among developers and IT professionals due to its agile and scalable approach. MongoDB provides a JSON data model with dynamic schemas, extensive driver support, auto-sharding, built-in replication and high availability, full and flexible index support, rich queries, aggregation, in-place updates and GridFS for large file storage.

10gen has raised more than $81 million in funding from investors Flybridge Capital Partners, In-Q-Tel, Intel Capital, NEA, Red Hat, Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures.

John Furrier

John Furrier is founder, co-CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of SiliconANGLE, a new media company covering the intersection of computer science and social science. Furrier is also the co-founder and CEO of CrowdChat a social media platform for large-scale group conversations over hashtags. In addition to SiliconANGLE John runs Broadband Developments a private incubator and investment firm for creating new startups. Furrier lives in Palo Alto, California with his wife and four children.


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