Cyberattack: Is Denver the Next Ground Zero?

Cyberattack: Is Denver the Next Ground Zero?

Parastoo takes credit for Mystery JFK Drone, proclaims video will prove it

The day may come when we look back at the cyber incidents of early 2013 as the smoking gun, the origin of a needless catastrophe, tracing back to the Denver region.  Denver is the home of hacked military and CBRN intelligence company IHS Jane’s, as well as the headquarters of, the computer systems that were compromised.  When you look back at the history of 9/11 and the warnings we had that could have perhaps prevented that disaster and compare them to the warning signs we are seeing today, the lack of focus from the mainstream on this is troubling.

The claims we have heard put out  were sensational to say the least.  We saw threats to attack US nuclear fuel sites with drones and the drone targeting of Secret Service agents and the Vice President of the United States.  If you think about that, this drone interception would have to be accomplished with some hacking skills, which they clearly have demonstrated on some level.  Critics assume it’s doable, but won’t believe that drones can be hacked unless they’ve seen it.  Strangely, they don’t seem to require the same visual confirmation that drones exist in the first place.  They may be getting the visual evidence of drone hacking shortly.  In the last week a mystery drone was seen at JFK airport, one of the country’s busiest and high profile airports.  We still have no determination in hand on what happened there.  Over the weekend, a report stated that Parastoo, the very group that made the drone threats, was operational in the hacking and control effort in the fly-by of JFK airport.

Parastoo takes credit for mystery JFK Drone – Will Release Video

I can’t help but think of the “dry runs” that took place before the September 2011 attacks.  Parastoo itself made not so vague claims about the JFK incident and in fact stated that it would be shortly releasing a video showing how they have hacked drones and can control them.


Armed with airport intelligence, CBRN data, and claims of drone hijacking, this is something that adds up to trouble and could be only the beginning.  Drones are stealthy by design, and are built to evade detection, if one thought a drone was targeting them they wouldn’t know until it was too late.

{… And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.} [Surat Al-’Ankabût (The Spider): 41]

From the Qur`an, The Spider, refers to the flimsy, insecure structures upon which we tend to depend, comparable to a spider’s web.

All in all, we have a motivated, and unafraid hacking group that does not care whether there are civilian, public or government targets.  At this time, they can only be tied to threats and exposing information, though we may perhaps they may end up being tied to the JFK mystery drone.  Lest one think the exposure limited to drone threats and airports, the targets could be anything.  Scenarios could include an attack on our nation’s power grid – one that exploited a weakness in security whether physical or virtual, wiping out power for an entire multi-state area for weeks, even months.  The chaos that would create would be significant, and on order with the worst of cataclysmic events.  It’s easy to sit here and predict doom, the point is that more must be done.  Whether this is a fire drill for the real thing or the actual real thing, we need to get better.

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  1. Its just a matter of time before a US Drone is used against US targets. Its just not clear yet if it will be terrorists or someone in the US government/military directing those drones against US Targets.

  2. If I were a Muslim terrorist the first thing I’d want to use WMDs on in America is Jews, and the highest concentration are in New York and LA. The #2 target would be to lop off the head of the Great Serpent in Washington D.C. On the other hand, I’d expect the infidels to know that and prepare, so it might make sense to pick a target like Denver they’re not ready for, especially as its high altitude and location near the center of the U.S. would let radiation fallout or other bad stuff disperse the maximum range for free. So maybe it’s not a bad backup plan to cut the snake in two.

  3. Denver Judgment Prophecies
    given through Brian Charles
    “Blasted apart in a millisecond!  My people won’t serve Me!”
    “It will all be gone.”  “Suddenly blasted away!”  “Blown away by My hand!”
    “I’M gonna destroy that city!”  “Marked for destruction.”  “Great shall be her destruction.”
    “I’M gonna destroy My city—it won’t serve Me.”  “People will be blown away suddenly!”
    “The homeless are Mine!   How dare they (Denver City Council) touch them!”
    “It will be judged by a mighty nuclear blast—destroyed completely!”
    “You must flee the city of My destruction—Repent!”
    “All suddenly blasted away!”  “Blown away by My hand.”  –downtown Denver towers
    “Eternal destruction shall be her lot—she won’t serve Me.”
    “Flee this place, city of My destruction.  Great shall be her destruction.”
    “The Queen City of the Plains shall be no more!  I have decreed it!  Repent!”
    “She won’t serve Me My son.  She MUST go!  Mighty shall be her destruction.”
    “Great is My anger against this place.”  “It MUST be destroyed!”
    “I’ll destroy it with a mighty nuclear burst!”  “It’ll be destroyed suddenly.”  “You must go!”
    “They won’t serve Me.”  “It will all be blasted away!”  –city neighborhoods
     “It will all be blasted away, right down to the foundations.  Even the rocks will be destroyed.”
    “Destroy My Church, for it refuses to serve Me.”  My people MUST be judged—they won’t serve Me.”
    “I’ll tear it down by force!  It must go!”  –the ‘Cash Register Building’ downtown
    “It’ll be blasted away.  It is an eyesore in My face.”  “They all must go!”  –downtown Denver towers
    “It must be blasted away for My Kingdom to come.  They depend on money too much.  Prepare for it.  It MUST be blasted away!”
    “Beer will be a thing of the past.  Great is My anger against this place.”
    “Never again shall they drink brew from the Rocky Mountain Stream.”
    “I’ll destroy My empire!  They won’t serve Me!”  “This empire-nation shall be destroyed.”
    “All this nation shall be destroyed by My hand.  They won’t serve Me at all!  Repent!  You must go!”
    “I’M gonna take it all away.”  –all the jobs and all the money
    “Those things will be a thing of the past.”  Semi-truck tractors
    “The eccentricity of the (Denver) Art Museum is by My hand.  I have a purpose in it.  It too shall be destroyed.”
     “White women won’t get married.  They want the world.  I must judge them for that.  You’ll see—a mighty nuclear destruction!  They MUST be destroyed—they won’t serve Me.”
    “Mass transit will be a thing of the past.  Everybody will walk on foot.”  “They’ll be commonplace.”  –Arabs
    “They’ll have to live in the woods.” (for survival)  “Prepare My people.”
    “Escape to the high mountains.  This city shall be judged.  Great shall be her destruction.  Amen!”
    “The Broncos shall be no more, crushed by My hand.”  “The Nuggets shall be history.”
    “That’s why I kept you poor—so that you would do My will.”
    “Therefore My people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. And the mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled, and the eyes of the lofty shall be humbled.”  Holy Bible, Isaiah 5:13-15

  4. Methinks , JC, as foes/comtemporaries/smarter non-state actors/future visionaries/call them what you will migrate towards increasingly more sophisticated and enlightened understanding of the human condition, and how it is so easily perversely controlled and corrupted for all manner of remote second and third party advantage and selfish personal benefit, will targeting become ever more specific and clinical and directed at that which causes major problems that pimp and pontificate that they be engaged in the opposite. Common sense and advanced intelligence will surely guarantee that it be so. And the following will be most probably ever more likely and more desireable than any indiscriminate action which damages innocents and critical infrastructure collaterally, or even intentionally if there be active madness in systems of destructive power.
    <quote>”Another aspect of the definition of perfidy in the laws of war is identification of combatants. Cyberwarfare risks violating this because the combatants tend to be unseen; they may be programmers or software users in a military organization who do not think of themselves as soldiers. However, if they help launch attacks, they are legitimate targets of retaliation in the form of bombs and targeted assassinations. That means that cybercombatants should announce the geographical locations of their cyberwarfare groups in advance of hostilities to avoid perfidy.” …… Presidents and Prime Ministers, politicians and senators justifying action for military organisations which help launch warrior attacks on others, are surely then also legitimate prime targets for that which they think to unleash on others? And/Or would arrogance and ignorance, hubris and madness cause them to imagine themselves immune and able and enabled to act with impunity in the Grand Inelegant Delusion of the Slick and Sick and Febrile and Feeble Minded doing Great Battle in Media Parades, Front and Centre with Insane Madness?</quote> …..

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