Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson is a Senior Editor at SiliconAngle and works to cover beats surrounding DevOps, security, gaming, and cutting edge technology. Before joining SiliconAngle, Kyt worked as a software engineer starting at Motorola in Q&A to eventually settle at where he helped build a vast database for pet adoption and a lost and found system. Kyt is a published author who writes science fiction and fantasy works that incorporate ideas from modern-day technological innovation and explore the outcome of living with those technologies.

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Google quietly ends support for Hangouts-based apps

Developers creating apps using the application programming interface for Google Inc.’s video and chat app Google Hangouts will have to look elsewhere, soon as the company focuses more on two new video and chat apps introduced last year. With a few exceptions, third-party application access to the platform will end April 25. The company didn’t even […]

HTC announces VR app subscriptions for consumers, app store for enterprise

HTC Corp., maker of the Vive virtual reality headset, will add a subscription service to its Viveport VR app store to make it easier to find VR content. The company announced the upcoming change today at the Consumer Electronics Show. Owners of the Vive headset already have access to Viveport, an app market for the hardware […]

Bitcoin breaks $1,000 for the first time in more than three years

The value of digital currency Bitcoin exceeded $1,000 at around midnight Sunday, the first day of 2017. Currently lists the global weighted value of the cryptocurrency at $1028.11 USD per coin. This price jump makes Bitcoin’s second step over this threshold of $1,000 per coin. The last time took place in November 2013. At the time, […]

Predictions 2017: Bigger IoT hacks, blockchain battles and a VR revival

As if 2016 weren’t volatile enough for the technology industry, the coming year is likely to be even more interesting, thanks to everything from a very unpredictable new U.S. president to a confluence of trends ranging from artificial intelligence to virtual reality to the continued rise of the cloud. This is the latest in a […]

Unhappy holidays: Android ransomware strikes LG smart TV on Christmas *

*Updated below. Christmas Day brought an unexpected and decidedly unwanted gift to the family of Kansas-based software developer Darren Cauthon: smart TV ransomware. According to Cauthon, he was visiting family when an older-model LG smart TV became infected with a version of the Cyber.Police ransomware, otherwise known as FLocker, Frantic Locker or Dogspectus. Someone in […]

New life for old computers: Makers of Raspberry Pi release PC operating system

Makers of the tiny Linux-based computer Raspberry Pi just released their own brand of operating system for the PC and Mac, potentially making older computers useful again. It’s based on PIXEL, a desktop environment and OS designed to run on Raspberry Pi hardware, which is a cheap $35 microcomputer platform, and it was launched in […]

Factom announces speedier, more secure version of its blockchain platform

Blockchain platform Factom Foundation Inc., maintainer of the Factom blockchain network and protocol, today announced the second major revision to its software that will vastly speed up transactions and confirmations. The Factom Federation network represents the next generation of the Factom blockchain, a peer-to-peer distributed ledger that is cryptographically secured. With Factom, users can submit pieces […]

Wyre uses blockchain to speed cross-border bank transfers

San Francisco-based blockchain technology startup Wyre Inc. wants to use the distributed ledger technology to allow cross-border bank payments in as little as an hour. The San Francisco-based company announced the plans Thursday along with news that it has raised $5.8 million in Series A funding to vastly speed up money transfers, which currently take two […]

In first trial, Amazon delivers package by drone in England in 13 minutes

Fulfilling a science fiction-like promise, Inc.’s drone division recently completed a delivery to a customer in Cambridge, England, within 13 minutes. The first delivery by a Amazon Prime Air drone (left) took place on Dec. 7, dropping off a bag of popcorn and a Fire TV streaming device. Amazon had announced in July that it would […]

IBM pushes to expand its blockchain ecosystem based on HyperLedger

Hoping to transform how industries conduct business transactions, IBM Corp. has announced the development of a new ecosystem based on blockchain technology. To do this, the company will give developers, startups and enterprise participants training and support to build for the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 and the IBM Blockchain platform. The HyperLedger project is […]