Airbnb coming to San Francisco despite opposition

Eric David | October 22nd

  A new law passed in San Francisco yesterday will make it easier for residents and travelers to use social network room rental services like Airbnb Inc. and VRBO (a branch of HomeAway Inc.) within the city. These services allow people to temporarily...»

A new messaging app called “Gems” wants to pay its users in Bitcoin

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

A new social messaging platform aims to reward users with Bitcoin for spending time on it. Most social networks and messaging platforms make money from selling information about their users to advertisers. That's what ...»

Role reversal for custom furniture software births Things of the Internet

Kristen Nicole | October 22nd

Things of the Internet. That’s a new phrase coined by Jeff Wilson, the man behind the custom furniture startup Massuni, a branch of Verso Furniture, Inc. Looking at the flipside...»

Jail time proposed for Internet trolls with Chloe’s Law

Eric David | October 20th

Harassing tweets and Facebook comments might seem like a fact of life on the Internet, but they could soon carry a two-year prison sentence in the United Kingdom. U.K. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told The Daily Mail  on Sunday that...»

How CrowdChat creates transparency, empowers workers and business decisions | #oow14

Rose Meadows | October 16th

An early adopter of CrowdChat, Dan Hushon has found a variety of business use cases for the public hashtag forum. As CTO of the Global Technology Office for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Hushon uses CrowdChat about...»

Investors flock to tiny device that promises online anonymity

Mike Wheatley | October 15th

A new gadget with the potential to strike terror into the hearts of online marketers has just set off a crowdfunding frenzy on Kickstarter. The Anonabox is a tiny, 2.4 inch by...»

Tweet money to your friends, but only if you’re French.

Collen Kriel | October 14th

Reuters reports that one of France’s largest banks, Groupe BPCE, has teamed up with Twitter, Inc. to offer mobile money transfers via tweets. This service will be open to French residents, whether they are...»

Facebook introduces stickers to timeline comments

Tavis J. Hampton | October 14th

Facebook, Inc. is now rolling out stickers for users' timelines. The feature was previously only available in the messaging section and Facebook Messenger app. Timeline post, group post and event post comments will now allow for the...»

HTC Re vs. GoPro for the ultimate #selfie: New gadgets and apps

Mellisa Tolentino | October 9th

Smile for the camera! HTC Corp. introduced a new smartphone, the HTC Desire Eye, as well as a new hand-held camera, the HTC Re, for taking quick photos on the go; these are two fresh devices catering to the selfie...»

Teens share Instagram photos to Twitter, not Facebook

Tavis J. Hampton | October 9th

Piper Jaffray & Co. has released its semi-annual "Taking Stock With Teens" survey, and the results suggest that teens are leaving Facebook in favor of a Twitter + Instagram combination. An infographic,...»