UPDATED 12:08 EDT / NOVEMBER 09 2010

Samsung Galaxy S Sells 3M, Faring Better than New Continuum

As first published in a Reuters report and covered by PCWorld, Samsung has sold no less than 3 million of its Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones since its official launch in July, as it even reached the 7 million mark globally.

“Samsung’s announcement that it hit the three million mark comes just two months after it said one million Galaxy S Phones had been sold in the US.”

These Samsung Android-running phones seem  to be so popular as to reach  a level where  there is a shortage of Galaxy S’s  AMOLED displays predicted to last as long as 2012.  Nonetheless, this indicator can be read two ways either for high-demand or for a lack of man power; especially in the light of other devices’ exceeding sales records including Apple’s iPhone.

Despite of the competition, 3 million is still a very big number. It seems that Samsung’s strategy to introduce Galaxy S to all major U.S carriers and to distinguish various minor traits of the device for each seems to be rather effective. The manufacturer is also planning to sell 1 million galaxy tablets worldwide by the end of 2010, but this number, again is outmatched by the competition.

Creating an Android device has become a golden ticket for several handest manufacturers, including Motorola and HTC.  They’ve all seen high sales from devices like the Droid X and G1, which were early supporters of Android’s mobile platform.  The ability for Samsung to increase sales so “late in the game” is encouraging, even for some of its other devices.  Samsung saw its early opportunity with the Android tablet, which was released just in the past week.

Riding this high, Samsung is branching out to more niche devices–something Motorola was quick to do as well.  However, today’s launch of the Samsung Continuum leaves something to be desired, and may be a misstep in handset evolution as a successful smartphone requires the meeting of certain standards, participation from developers, and more.

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