UPDATED 08:32 EST / NOVEMBER 24 2010

Stats Squared: Early Strides in a Winning Race

Following their victory in Fall 2010 Startup Weekend Indianapolis, Stats Squared has again copped another recognition, as they placed 2nd among several participants in the recently concluded Global Startup Battle. This win slated them in the line of future technology champions with utmost promise to succeed. For those who are unfamiliar, these contests have given group of developers and talented people to create a startup concept of an enterprise over a weekend, approximately 52 hours.

But, what is Stats Squared and why it has easily captured attention from 2 big competitions?

Stats Squared is a Twitter analytics tool. To be very specific, it was purposely designed to support those who have multiple Twitter accounts, which are mostly companies that capitalize on social media for marketing and advertising.  Stats Squared was conceived from the logic of the makers that more clicks are equal to more views.

Stats Squared will allow you to administer and monitor performance of your Twitter accounts in terms of CTR, or Click-Through Rate, and link the maturation you are realistically getting from your Tweets. This is born from the fact that CTR inadvertently determines influence in Twitter. The difference of this system from other front-facing engagement tools is that it will help you effectively track what is going on with all your accounts in a single interface.  Imagine the pain you will have to go through if you are to open each account every single day to see if current strategies are paying off. Being able to condense them all into one frame will help you extract data at-a-glance, versus the typical logging in and out of varied accounts.

This system works by signing up in 2 accounts, not necessarily yours; it could actually be a competition that you want to follow. This way, you will be able to see the links that are working for them and those which are not.  An interesting take on a growing need for online marketers.

What data will you be able to extract using Stats Squared:

  1. Which Twitter account from all 40 is the most, on the average and least effective?
  2. What is your follower growth rate and actual numbers of following?
  3. What links received the most CTR?

Head of Marketing Ryan Cox discussed the importance of the product saying, “There are 75 tweets a second published on Twitter with a link — we want to give you the link maturation and CTR on yours, which is 1/75th of that second.  Links are about to get sexy, watch out Marissa Miller.”

Stats Squared CEO Joshua Mitchell added, “I see Stats Squared dominating all marketing metrics, one column at a time.  People need to know what half of marketing is a waste, and what’s worth it.”

A message from John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE:

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