UPDATED 11:45 EDT / JULY 30 2012

HP Commercial Reveals Possible Glimpse of New Windows 8 Tablet

It’s no secret that HP, along with several other companies, are working behind the scenes to come up with a Windows 8 tablet in time for the OS’s launch this fall, so could it be that they’ve just leaked a sneak peak of their device on a new YouTube commercial?

The new “Make it Matter” ad (see below) from HP clearly shows someone using a HP-branded tablet right at the end of the commercial, around the 56-second mark. The device has a somewhat basic design – a metallic back with a black strip running across the top.

Back in April, it was revealed that HP was planning a tablet that would run on Windows 8 professional, to be known as the Slate 8.  According to a leaked presentation slide from the company, the device would be aimed at business and enterprise users, would be 9.2mm think, and would feature a 10.1 inch screen. The leak also claimed the device would have a battery life of around 8-10 hours.

The previous report revealed that HP’s new tablet will be one of the most security-heavy devices on the market, featuring TPM embedded security and HP ProtectTools software bundled in with it. In addition, the Slate 8 is also said to feature Computrace, a program that allows users to locate their device should it be stolen or lost.

From the brief clip in the YouTube video (see below), it looks as though the outer casing is aluminum, while the black strip might well be an aerial to allow for unhindered Wi-Fi access. A solid, if not spectacular design, as we’ve come to expect from HP.

As far as we can tell, HP hasn’t said anything about the device seen in their ad just yet, so there’s no telling if it really is the Slate 8. But regardless of that fact, it’s looking likely that HP and half a dozen other companies will be ready with a catalogue of new devices come October 26, when Windows 8 is set to launch.

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