UPDATED 06:40 EST / FEBRUARY 21 2013


Alteryx Publishes “Big Data Analytics for Dummies”

Given the lack of data scientists and analytics specialists with the technical skills and business acumen to glean insights from Big Data, there’s a growing need within the enterprise for some kind of idiot-proof tool to help smaller businesses get around the problem. And so companies like Alteryx have a real chance to plug this gap and carve themselves a sizeable niche in what is one of the fastest-growing movements in IT at the minute.

Yesterday, Alteryx took another step forward with its plan to “humanize” Big Data, releasing the Big Data Analytics for Dummies special edition guide that aims to help businesses without access to professional expertise jump on the Big Data bandwagon.

Alteryx’s new guidebook is exactly what it says it – a detailed instruction manual for business users who are absolutely clueless when it comes to Big Data, other than for the fact that they know they need to understand in. Created in cooperation with John Wiley & Sons, publishers of the best-selling “For Dummies” brand, the book outlines the ways in which users can maximize the value of their Big Data by leveraging analytic applications, and improve their decision making processes by combining their data with predictive and spatial analytics.

Rick Schultz, Alteryx’s Senior VP of Marketing, said in a prepared statement that many small and medium-sized businesses were simply overwhelmed by the amounts of Big Data they have to deal with, and it’s these organizations that the book is aimed at.

“With ‘Big Data Analytics for Dummies,’ Alteryx is giving data analysts and business users of all skill levels the platform, tools and applications to easily process and analyze Big Data in order to make better business decisions with all of the relevant information,” explains Schultz.

Big Data Analytics for Dummies is just the latest step in Alteryx’s mission to “humanize” Big Data. The company states that its end goal is to make the analysis and consumption of Big Data accessible to those that need it most of all – company decision makers, rather than just the IT specialists. In light of Wikibon’s Big Data Revenue and Market Forecast report, which stresses the dearth of talent available in the data analytics field at present, this kind of service is likely going to see huge demand in the coming months and years.

Alteryx claims that in many instances, Big Data analysis is far too inefficient and leads to many of its benefits being unrealized, as a result of bottlenecks that take place in organizational processes. In order to bypass this, Alteryx strives to design what are essentially ‘analytics tools for beginners’ that can be accessed by a businesses’ main decision makers to make sense of their data, without the need to consult specialist Big Data scientists that the company may not even have on its staff.

Effectively, what Alteryx is doing is to make Big Data accessible to all, putting things into context by combining sources such as sensor data, web activity and social media with other data sets from things like ecommerce systems and customer segmentation files. So long as decision makers can put together a data set, Alteryx’ sophisticated analysis tools will do the rest, using predictive analytics and statistical modelling to derive the insights they need.

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