UPDATED 15:19 EDT / APRIL 30 2013

Apple Wants App-ealing Services with Flat iOS 7 Redesign, Rivals Android + Windows Live

According to sources, Apple is implementing a new design to its latest mobile operating software, but those who have seen the redesigned iOS are calling it “very, very flat.”

Codenamed “Innsbruck,” iOS 7 will include new icons for native apps, as well as newly designed toolbars, tab bars, and other fundamental interface features, plus polarizing filters for added screen privacy.

Then there’s talk of adding ‘glance-able’ information, like a widget, or live windows or tiles and system options panels, like a Notification Center, to the software, which can be accessed by swiping right or left on your screen.

From what was said, it seems like Apple is copying Microsoft’s flat-looking Metro UI and Google with its ‘galnce-able’ information.  The question now is, is this the right time for Apple to launch a new design for the iOS?

Joining Kristin Feledy in this morning’s NewsDesk is SiliconANGLE Senior Managing Editor Kristen Nicole with her Breaking Analysis on Apple’s redesign timing.

“They are long overdue for something new and revolutionary design.  The current design has been around for a little while.  There’s also some rumors going around that the current design is really a push from Steve Jobs, now that they have a new CEO in the chair, obviously an opportunity for some changes.

“Interface design is going to be increasingly important as hardware, the device itself, is expected to disappear.  We’re going to be more reliant on the software side of things, the interface, how end-users and consumers are interacting with this.  Also, as we shift into a consumer services-driven era with mobile, Apple, Google and Microsoft, all of these major players are going to be looking to find the best way to offer that unified experience to offer that cross-platform, cross-device experience.  It will be increasingly important for software, and Apple really looking to retain their ecosystem.  It could be high time for a change,” Kristen Nicole stated.

For more of Kristen Nicole’s Breaking Analysis on Apple’s iOS redesign, check out the NewsDesk video below:

A message from John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE:

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