UPDATED 20:42 EST / MAY 15 2013

Expect to See More Cloud Services Brokerage Firms | #servicenow

In the ongoing ServiceNow 2013 event coverage from in theCube, Dave Vellante spoke with Jason Wojahn Operations Vice President of the Americas BusinessUnit, ServiceNow, Cloud Sherpas. Vellante and Wojahn discuss why it has taken a while for such applications to catch on, how ServiceNow distinguishes itself and the role of big data in the field.

Wojahn notes one advantage of ServiceNow is its branding capabilities for clients. Their platform allows users to customize portals, which Wojahn notes is “exciting for their end user community because they look like their company when they’re asking for support.”

ServiceNow differentiates itself within the industry as an early adopter. Wojahn suggests this has allowed them to refine their skills at applications with over 320 implementations to date.  He adds, “we’ve seen a lot of customer success stories and we’ve been able to fit that need by IT service management.”

So, why did it take a while for applications that ServiceNow provides to catch on?  Wojahn explains, the notion of a cloud services brokerage is still relatively new. However, it is gaining momentum as such applications provide for what Wojahn calls “a solid user experience.”

Vellante asks about the place of big data in the industry. Wojahn notes: “10 years ago, it was all about the ‘t’ in IT now its all about the ‘it’.” He suggests when people try to rationalize data, it is truly a services led operation, not technology driven. When it comes to the evolution of the cloud space, Wojahn believes we will be hearing a lot more from Cloud Sherpas.  Additionally, we can expect to see GSI’s moving to this model as cloud services brokerage firms are known for being “more nimble than GSI’s.” Early adopters, he predicts, will grow fast like ServiceNow, which has a current growth rate of 150 percent.

Wojahn concludes with advice to potential ServiceNow customers: “Have a good understanding of where you’re at and don’t get afraid to go the cloud, it’s not as scary as you think.”

See Wojahn’s entire segment below.

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