UPDATED 15:00 EDT / AUGUST 19 2013

New SmartHome Solutions for Multiroom Sound Tripping + More

In this week’s SmartHome roundup, we’ll be featuring a solution to your AirPlay needs, a new affordable way to turn your home into a smart and connected home, and a smarter way to lock your doors.

WHAALE Multiroom App


Multirooming audio via Airplay wasn’t available for iOS devices until the WHAALE Multiroom Player app arrived this month.  The app allows users to stream music to different AirPlay speakers or AirPlay-compatible speakers simultaneously, stream music from different sources, and even play different songs in different rooms at the same time.

The ability to play the same music in every room with AirPlay speakers is great for people who are fond of throwing parties, or for those who live in a house whose inhabitants share the love for the same type of music.  As for the Exclusive mode, it’s great for those who live in a house wherein the inhabitants have varied taste in music.  This app also allows you to control the volume either per speaker or simultaneously.

All you need is an iPad, download the $0.99 app on iTunes, setup or buy your AirPlay or AirPlay compatible speakers, create a playlist (if you please) and you’re good to go.  Just remember to keep it down in the wee hours of the night so your neighbors won’t call the cops on you.

Belkin’s WeMo


Belkin, a manufacturer of connected home devices, has a line of devices ideal for people who are turning their homes into a smart one a step at a time.

Belkin offers the WeMo Home Automation solution which features the WeMo Light Switch, which is a WiFi connected light switch that can be controlled even if you’re half-way across the globe; the WeMo Baby which turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a baby monitor; the WeMo Switch which is a WiFi connected electric socket so you can turn your device on or off with your mobile device; the WeMo Motion which is a perfect companion to your WeMo Light Switch as motion detected by the device would allow it to turn lights on or off; and the WeMo Switch and Motion kit which would allow you turn devices on or off as soon as it detects movement.

And if you’re into monitoring what’s happening in your house when you’re away, Belkin offers two WiFi cameras with night vision.  The NetCams connect to your WiFi router then you just need an app to see what’s happening to your kids or pets while you’re out on your mobile device.

August Smart Lock


Do away with keys and codes, as this new smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door without them and you can even grant people access to your home.  The August Smart Lock works with your existing single-cylinder deadbolt, so no need to change your locks if that’s what you’re already using.  The cool thing about August is that it does away with codes because that can be easily copied while keys can easily be lost or misplaced.  It pairs with iPhone or Android smartphones, BlackBerry and Windows Phone support coming soon, and you can set which of your contacts can have access to your home.

For family members, you can grant a 24/7 access, service persons can get weekly access, or even set it to work only for a couple of hours – perfect for throwing a party so it eliminates the need to go to the door whenever someone arrives.  Just go to your contacts and set the person’s door clearance.  You can also view log records to see who entered at what time or what time that person left right on your smartphone.

August has its own battery and relies on Bluetooth connection so even if the power and your Internet connection goes out, you would still be able to use your phone to unlock the door.  In case the phone runs out of juice, you can still use a traditional key or use another device, log on to your account on August.com and unlock your door.  August has LED indicators and chimes to let you know if it’s locked or unlocked and it sends off notifications when the battery is running low and needs to be replaced.  August is expected to go on sale later this year but if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it, you can reserve your Augusts now, it costs $199.

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