3 Ways to Connect Your Home, Bed + Toilet

This week’s SmartHome roundup features a Lego-like device that turns your home into a connected home, a bed for all your entertainment needs, and an advanced toilet that streams music while you handle your business.

digitalSTROM: a cost-effective way to connect your home


German company aizo introduced the digitalSTROM at the IFA 2013,  The digitalSTROM is a small, Lego-like device that would allow interconnectivity of devices on the same power grid.  The device comprises a digitalSTROM chip (dSC), a microprocessor (µP) and an optional 230V power output stage, are encapsulated on a carrier material is known as a dSID chip and bears a unique international identification number.

It allows bidirectional communication via the 230V power line, enabling several dSIDs to be networked via one digitalSTROM meter (dSM). The chip and sensors on each digitalSTROM can measure the electrical consumption of a plugged appliance.  It connects via WiFi and via a smartphone app, it lets users know if the appliance is turned on or off as well as control it remotely.

According to Martin Vesper, CEO of DigitalStrom/aizo, digitalSTROM is a cost-effective way of transforming homes into a connected one.

“Technical advances and digital connectivity are taken for granted by people at work, while driving or exchanging information with friends. Only homes seem to be 30 years behind current technology. We are filling this digital gap at home,” Vesper stated.

HiCan: snuggle up with tech


The bed may be anyone’s best friend.  It can have either a soft or firm mattress, an abundance of pillows, and of course a very inviting blanket or comforter.  Though it’s main purpose is for sleeping and relaxing, most of us have found a way to bring entertainment to the bedroom by setting up the TV or computer in there, but what if your bed could deliver all of your entertainment needs?

The HiCan bed has automated blinds to enclose you in pitch-black darkness so you can sleep in peace, anytime of the day.  It also has its own state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, a built-in PC, full multimedia complement for entertainment and game consoles, a connected projector that casts HD movies and images on the home theater screen that slides down on the foot of the bed, and it is equipped with a complete home automation system so everything on the bed can be controlled easily as well as adding appliances to the HiCan.

numi streams music while you handle your business


Kohler, a company best known for its plumbing products, has one of the most advanced toilets to date.

The numi is a highly specialized toilet that is motion activated, and its functions can be controlled by touchscreen remote.  The toilet itself doesn’t look like a typical toilet.  The cover and seat are motion activated so you don’t have to touch it at all.  The front sensors flip the cover open, and the sensors on the side flip the seat up.  It has an integrated bidet that you can control using the touchscreen remote.  Adjust the position of the bidet and the water pressure and temperature.  You can even save your preference so you don’t have to adjust the settings every time you’re using the toilet.

There’s also an air dryer on the bidet wand so you’ll be clean and dry after you’re done with your business.  The seat can be warmed because it’s quite uncomfortable seating on a cold toilet seat, and to take care of cold feet, there’s even a foot warmer.  And if you’re one of those who can’t do their business in a silent room, you can play your favorite music or podcast by streaming via Bluetooth or via an auxiliary connection.

Aside from that, the panels are illuminated and uses can set their prefered color to go through a dynamic cycle of colors, or set a different color for each day of the week, or just let numi decide on the color.  It has a charcoal deodorizer, and you can choose to to perform a full flush or eco-flush to save on water.

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