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Building Apps on Splunk to Solve Customer Woes | #splunkconf

Live from Las Vegas, theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante sat down with Gary Burghett, Deployment Architect at CQ Cloud, and Peter Chang, CTO with N3N, to talk about their companies and their partnerships with Splunk, detailing what exactly each brings to the table.

CQ Cloud provides analytics focused on security issues for cloud deployments, including detecting DDoS attacks. As there was not much info on the web about how it is using Splunk, Vellante asked Gary Burghett to provide some details about the company and his role there.

“We are a Splunk partner, so we have a pretty deep background consulting and helping customers deploy splunk. We work on the big data side. N3N is our technology partner; they have some cool data visualization and video technology that we’ve integrated with Splunk for what we hope will be some pretty intuitive and impressive dashboards,” said Burghett.

Next up Vellante turned to Chang to find out more about N3N’s technology and what makes it unique. “We have a technology called ‘Pixel On Demand’. If you go to command and control rooms, or data visualization that we want to do for dashboards, we need to integrate lots of videos. To be able to see all those videos on the screen, it is required to have a distributed computing system, where the pixel on demand only shows the pixels needed to display on the screen,” explained Chang.


Addressing customers’ challenges

Vellante returned to Burghett, asking him about his methods of engaging the customers and to enumerate a couple of problems he’s being asked to solve.

“Especially in this context, we’re working with customers in Operations – not necessarily your traditional IT consumers, but they are working with big data and they are not techtypes – who want to be able to visualize data in the context of their systems.”

Explaining further how visualization changed these people’s world, Chang said: “Usually on the operation floor, they have multiple systems. And operators need to look through them all to solve the problems they have. We’re trying to offer a canvas where you can bring all those information together, having a common interface where you can get the data in a more intuitive way.”

Splunk operates on the machine data side of things, providing “this awesome platform for collecting, aggregating all of the machine data that you can easily analyze, obtaining value from that data for the users,” Chang continued.  CQ interface is trying to use some of these convenient features from Splunk to provide some of that context into the data.

The solution N3N is providing is called Perseus and, according to their website, it allows users “to combine and correlate their data (even real-time search results),  seamlessly together with any type of contents such as images, maps, SCADA, remote desktops and even live streaming videos (ex. CCTV) using CQ Cloud next generation UX technology.

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