UPDATED 13:35 EDT / DECEMBER 26 2013


‘Tis the season to get it on… Alone!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for porn!  Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? Yes it’s the holidays and people are still basking in the holiday cheer, but did you know that in spite of the festivities and family atmosphere, a lot of people spend more ‘quality time’ alone during the winter than they do at other times of the year?



According to Pornhub’s 2013 Year in Review, the XXX-rated site receives far more traffic during January, when a lot of countries are experiencing cold weather, than in other months. Meanwhile, it receives the least amount of visitors during the month of August, when the weather’s at its hottest.  There’s a good chance people use porn to get warm during the colder months, but when summer comes, no one wants to be stuck indoors.

Manic Monday


You can enjoy watching porn any day of the week, but according to Pornhub’s numbers, Mondays have the most visitors, while Sundays have the least amount of visitors for this year. Why Mondays? No one likes Monday, so to get rid of their Monday Blues, people like to ‘relieve’ themselves by spending some quality time alone ‘shaking’ off that stress.  As for Sundays, many people just spend this day lounging around or sleeping in, in order to prepare for another grueling week at work.



If watching porn was a category in the Olympics, the USA would walk home with the gold meda.  On the average, people in the US spend 10:39 minutes watching porn each time they visit Pornhub, followed closely by the Brits at 9:34 minutes, taking the silver medal, with Germany securing bronze medal at an average of 8:07 minutes.

Interestingly, states below the Mason-Dixon line are more porn-engaged compared to other states. This year, Mississippi, Hawaii, Arkansas, Alabama and Louisiana spent more than 11 minutes visiting porn sites, while Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut spent an average of only 10 minutes watching scintillating content. North-easterners have a lot of catching up to do!

And if you’re wondering what US porn netizens are searching for, they are very interested in teens, creampies, and milfs!

Creatively kinky


Watching porn has greatly evolved.  The days of purchasing or renting x-rated videos are long gone, as the Internet and other advancements in technology have opened up a whole new world for porn lovers. Now, you can watch naughty stuff using your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.  The majority of porn enthusiasts still enjoy watching porn on their desktop, at 51 percent, but more and more people are getting creative and sneakier by watching porn on their smartphone (40 percent), while a not insignificant 9 percent of the population use their tablets to get it on.  The small screen offers a lot more privacy than the larger screen of a tablet, plus, it’s easy to sneak one while you’re taking a bathroom break at work. ;)

Not now, Pornhub!


Though porn may take precedence in some people’s lives, there are instances when it takes a backseat. According to Pornhub, sporting events such as the Super Bowl greatly affect porn viewership, with the site seeing a 42 percent decline in hits during the USA’s biggest sporting event of last year. But it’s not just he NFL – there are also some TV shows that affect porn habits. During the season finale of the third season of The Walking Dead, porn viewing was down by six percent, while the finale of American Idol saw hits drop by five percent, and the first episode of the 11th season of NCIS saw Pornhub’s traffic slip by three percent.

The holidays also take a toll on porn sites.  According to Pornhub, this is the time we usually spend with our friends and family, so with all the chaos, it’s logical that many cannot find time to give attention to their nether regions. New Year’s eve saw a 34 percent decline last year, Christmas Day 2012 saw a 27 percent decline, and last July 4 saw a 2 percent decline in viewership.

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