UPDATED 13:31 EDT / MARCH 13 2014

Sandbox-styled, virtual world MMO MyDream announces Kickstarter campaign

mydream-thumbnailA new Kickstarter has just appeared on the horizon for an interesting new sandbox, multiplayer game called MyDream following in the path of similar MMOs seeking to tap the creative interests of gamers.

With the world so entranced with sandbox-styled multiplayer games such as Minecraft, it stands to reason that people are primed for seeking creative outlets. This is exactly the niche that MyDream, an upcoming MMO from MyDream Software Inc., appears to be smartly set to avail.

MyDream reveals quite a bit of their game on a website brimming with media and there’s even a signup to get into the beta–for those interested in visiting the strange world of MyDream.

As presented on the website MyDream appears to be entering into a niche that is occupied not just by Mojang’s Minecraft, but will also intersect with Trion World’s Trove and SOE’s Everquest Landmark. All of these games persist in procedurally generated worlds and encourage users to take direct creative control over the landscape and environment.

Games like what MyDream is crafting create a particularly different type of immersion than is the norm for the fast-paced world of video game first person shooters and RPGs. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t contain things such as puzzles, games (within games), and an ever-changing world to visit.


User-generated and RPG is key to creativity

MyDream mixes geocaching, building, and RPG games in a user-generated world that gives players a new experience at every login,” writes the press materials on the website. “Explore, create, and cooperate your way through mysterious and sometimes treacherous terrains. Move mountains, build pyramids and seek lost treasures. Play your dreams in MyDream.”

The team of MyDream is listed only with first names in the “about” section of the site, but their credentials seem to be on the level. Artists, developers, game designers, even mobile development experience–and all of them listing favorite games, as if building gamer cred.

This team includes pioneers in game engine development, 3d graphics, game design, robotics, and artificial intelligence including Allison Huynh (Managing partner/designer at Willow Garage), Mark Davis (VoxelForm, Big Fish Games, Microsoft DirectX) and Matt Laverty (Big Fish Games). MyDream’s investors/advisors include Dr. Karoly Nikolich (co-Founder of Stanford Neuroscience Institute) and Mark Jung (IGN and OnLive).

Reading the blog gives a brilliant amount of depth in how far along the production is. From how to play the game to some interesting beta testing ideas (including using college students.)

The Kickstarter begins today

The Kickstarter should help kick MyDream up to the next level. Crowdfunding has become the go-to method for giving great games a jumpstart–especially looking at the $40 million plus success of Chris Roberts’s Star Citizen.

If this has gotten your curiosity up, follow along to their Kickstarter and throw a few dollars in.


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