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iPhone 6s tips and tricks: How to save a still photo from a Live Photo in iOS 9.3

Apple has released iOS 9.3 in both developer and public beta form and while the general public will have to wait a while until they can get to enjoy the new operating system — Apple is yet to announce a release date — there are a host of new and updated features that iPhone users can look forward to.

With iOS 9.3, iPhone users can look forward to Night Shift mode that will adjust your device’s screen to help reduce eyestrain when using your device at night. While users can also look forward to the ability to secure important information in the Notes app, like financial or medical details, using both Touch ID and a password.

Another new feature from iOS 9.3 is the ability to save a high-resolution photo from a Live Photo. Apple introduced Live Photos in September last year with the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. When you take a photo, Live Photos will capture a second-and-a-half on either side of the photo. Then when you press on the photo, you get a short video.

Until now, you had to make the choice of whether you wanted a Live Photo or still photo, with iOS 9.3 you can get the best of both worlds.

How to get a high-resolution photo from a Live Photo

  • When viewing your Live Photo in your Photos app, tap the Share button
  • Under the standard share icons like Facebook and Twitter, you will see a second row of icons, like Use as Wallpaper, Assign to Contact etc. Scroll to the end of the icons and you will find Duplicate.
  • Tap the Duplicate icon.
  • A prompt will give you the options to Duplicate or Duplicate as Still Photo. Tap Duplicate as Still Photo and your iPhone will create a still photo, which you can then edit or share with friends, while the original Live Photo remains as is.

If you upgraded to the beta version of iOS 9.3 and would rather wait until the operating system is available for the general public, follow our steps of how to downgrade.

Image credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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