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Medium has acquired content feed provider Superfeedr

Blogging platform provider Medium (A Medium Corporation) has acquired content feed provider Superfeedr (Notifixious, Inc.) for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2009, Superfeedr fetches and parses RSS or Atom feeds on behalf of its users and pushes new entries into these feeds.

The company’s platform utilizes real time technologies and guarantees an entry detection time of under 15 minutes, while offering both an XMPP andPubSubHubbub API.

“At Superfeedr, we’ve promoted the open web by embracing open formats and protocols, such as RSS, Atom, XMPP and PubSubHubbub,” Superfeedr Founder and Chief Executive Officer Julien Genestoux said in a blog post. “Over the years, we’ve also learned that these protocols are only as powerful as the people who promote them. As we want the open web to remain strong, we were delighted to find that the folks at Medium share the same values.”

The acquisition has already seen changes at Medium itself, with Genestoux explaining that he’s on the job.

“My first commit at Medium was to enable full content RSS feeds both for publications and users (available in your settings),” Genestoux added. “Medium already lets you add your own domain name, import and export all of your posts, point to a canonical URL if you cross-posted, supports DNT … and we’ve started working on more!”


Although the price of the acquisition was not disclosed, it does follow Medium’s Series C round of $50 million in April, and would appear to be indicative of the company’s longer term plans to grow the service with an aim to ultimately become the internet’s leading publishing platform.

The only odd thing about it is that Medium didn’t offer full RSS feeds previously, and that’s strange given Chief Executive Officer Ev Williams was a co-founder of Pyra Labs, Inc., the company behind the now Google-owned Blogger blogging platform.

Despite RSS having long been decried as being dead, the technology still remains close to being unsurpassed for its simplicity in distributing content across the web; with Medium’s publishing platform now offering RSS feeds, maybe RSS may soon have a second coming in the spotlight.

It’s unclear how much money Superfeedr had acquired prior to acquisition, but a seed round raised in 2009 was backed by Mark Cuban and Betaworks.

Image credit: Christopher Michel / Wikimedia Commons/ CC by 3.0


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