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Microsoft announces updates for Windows 10 Mail, Calendar and OneNote apps

Microsoft Corp. has announced various updates for its Mail, Calendar and OneNote apps for Windows 10.

New features include Focused Inbox, travel reservation support, password protection for OneNote sections and more.

Mail app updates

Focused Inbox

Microsoft first introduced its Focused Inbox for Outlook for iOS and Android and is now introducing the feature for its Mail app for Windows 10.

Focused Inbox will separate a user’s inbox into two tabs: Focused and Other. Important emails will filter to the Focused tab while less important emails that don’t require immediate action, like newsletters, will appear under Other.

Over time the Focused Inbox will become smarter based on the people you interact with often and the content of the email.

If an email lands in your Focused tab which should be in Other or vise versa, right click on the email and select the “Move to Focused” or “Move to Other” option.

You can also turn off the Focused Inbox feature, go to Settings > turn off the feature under “Reading in the app.”

Add @mentions to your emails

The Mail app now allows you to add @mentions to the body of your emails. Type the @ symbol and a list of your frequently used contacts will be displayed. The selected person’s name will be highlighted in the email body. If the person isn’t part of the email conversation, they will automatically be added to the “To: line.”

If you have been mentioned in emails, the @ symbol will appear in the message list for the relevant message(s). You can also filter emails to only see messages where you have been mentioned.

Calendar app updates

Travel reservations and package deliveries


Summary cards will now appear in user’s inbox and calendar, which will include details of flights, hotel bookings, rental car reservations and package delivery details.

Add sport team schedules to your calendar

“Interesting Calendars” allow you to add TV schedules and sport team calendars to your Calendar app.

Color categories

Microsoft has added color categories to the Calendar app so you can categorize different events with specific colors.

Calendar invites: new features

These include location suggestions from Bing, the option to add Skype for online meetings, a scheduling assistant for Office 365 accounts and a people picker to browse and add contacts quickly.

The updates for the Mail and Calendar apps will roll out to Outlook.com and Office 365 accounts over the next few weeks.

OneNote app updates

These updates for OneNote are for the mobile version of OneNote that comes bundled with Windows 10 and not OneNote 2016.

Password protection

The OneNote update allows you to password protect specific sections in your notebooks.

Right-click the notebook section’s name that you want to password protect > select Password Protection > Add Password > in the “Enter Password” box, type your password > in the “Confirm Password” box, retype your password > Enter.

Tip: If you forget your password you won’t be to reset it and won’t have access to your password protected notes.

Remove passwords: If you want to remove the password for a protected section, right-click the name of a notebook section that is protected, but currently unlocked > Password Protection > Remove Password > in the “Remove Password” window, type the current password > Enter.  

Lock multiple sections: If you have applied passwords to multiple notebook sections you can lock them simultaneously. Right-click the name of a notebook section that is protected, but currently unlocked > Password Protection > Lock Protected Sections.

Change passwords: While it is not possible to reset your password if you forget it, it is possible to change an existing password for a protected section. Right-click the name of a notebook section that is protected, but currently unlocked > Password Protection > Change Password > in the “Old Password” box, type the current password > in the “Enter New Password” box, type the new password > in the “Confirm Password” box, retype the new password > Enter.

Other OneNote updates: diagrams, flowcharts, bullets

Other updates for OneNote include the ability to create diagrams and flowcharts using the Shapes gallery. There are updated bullet options and the ability to change the layer order for shapes, tables, images, etc. placed into a note.  

Users can reorder notebooks by dragging and dropping them to the correct place in the list. Images and files in OneNote can be saved to another location on your computer. Users can also add a new page below the currently selected one.

Source: Microsoft

Images: Microsoft

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