UPDATED 09:01 EDT / MAY 21 2020


CloudBees extends its DevOps delivery management platform with Google Cloud Build and Tekton

Enterprise software delivery company CloudBees Inc. today announced it’s extending the integration of its software delivery management platform to include Google Cloud Build and Tekton.

These updates will improve the lives of DevOps engineers seeking to build out their own continuous delivery and continuous integration or CI/CD lifecycles for software management with these popular platforms. Both Google Cloud Build and Tekton are Google Cloud services that are part of CI/CD pipelines used by DevOps teams to build, test and deliver software.

Cloud Build allows developers to build software across all languages and define custom workflows in multiple environments at once such as virtual machines, serverless back-end environments, Kubernetes and Firebase. Tekton is a Kubernetes-native open-source framework for CI/CD systems that opens up cloud deployment by abstracting away the complex underlying implementation details.

These new integrations build on CloudBees’ vision for its SDM platform, which will enable enterprise users to collaborate more closely and share delivery insights between DevOps teams. It will also allow customers to continue to use the tools with which they are most familiar, such as Cloud Build and Tekton.

“Our customers want to be able to move faster and innovate,” Pali Bhat, vice-president of product and design at Google Cloud, said about the integration with CloudBees. “[We are] expanding our partnership to enable greater DevOps velocity and accelerate time to market for our joint customers.”

Software delivery management is an emerging category of software for information technology that defines software delivery and integration as a core business process. It uses modern DevOps practices – including increased cross-team collaboration, custom pipelines for software delivery and continuous testing – in a way that attempts to optimize software creation lifecycles.

To meet these goals, CloudBees’ SDM platform visualizes and integrates artifacts, data and events to provide a unified system of record that all development and operations teams can use to visualize and connect to the DevOps toolchain.

Some of the new features that CloudBees’ platform offers include a Product Model providing a central view of all product and feature development occurring across the organization, a Policy Engine capable of triggering actions based on customized governance and real-time feature management to help manage on-time delivery with visible progress and charting.

To make sure this is all easily understood by every team, the SDM platform also includes a centralized reporting engine that can create reports related to development efficiency, contribution and progress from every part of the pipeline. This means that DevOps teams can rapidly discover bottlenecks and roadblocks that could be affecting development, testing and deployment through a better understanding of the entire DevOps process.

Finally, CloudBees delivers an application framework – that now integrates Google Cloud services – in a flexible and customizable platform that can link other tools into the DevOps toolchain with minimal effort through an application programming interface connection. This can be used to pull data from third-party DevOps tools that can be used for reporting and policy management. It’s all designed to allow customers to embrace, not replace, the tools they already have.

“Integrating and embracing an open ecosystem of DevOps tools is part of our DNA,” said Moritz Plassnig, senior vice president cloud and general manager for CloudBees Software Delivery Management. “With these integrations, we further enable customers to embrace their tools of choice in order to get maximum value out of their software development and delivery efforts — to finally break down the silos that block them from becoming software-first companies.”

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