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MadHive announces $50M deal with SADA to expand its Google Cloud deployment

Digital TV advertising firm MadHive Inc. announced a five-year deal worth $50 million today with Google Cloud consultancy firm SADA Systems Inc. to expand its use of Google’s cloud for launching a range of new products and services.

MadHive is already heavily reliant on Google Cloud. It uses a number of Google’s cloud services, including Google BigTable, Google Kubernetes Engine, TensorFlow and Google BigQuery, to power its advertising platform, which provides companies with tools for audience forecasting, precision targeting and activation. The platform also relies on advanced cryptography to prevent fraud and increase margins for customers, and these services are also powered by Google’s cloud services.

Enormous cloud deployments of this kind are a challenge to implement for even the biggest companies, which is why MadHive turned to SADA for help when it first decided to go all-in on Google in 2017. SADA, a professional services provider that helps companies with tasks such as application migrations and managing databases, was tasked with migrating MadHive’s advertising platform to Google cloud so it could run at large scale with low latency while supporting a rapid development cycle and taking advantage of Google’s advanced machine learning capabilities.

“SADA’s first step with MadHive was analyzing the limits of the Kubernetes- and Docker-based implementation they had previously used for prototypes,” Simon Margolis, director of cloud adoption at SADA, said in a statement. “We then applied our in-depth knowledge of Google Cloud to help MadHive redesign the entire platform using Google BigTable, Google Kubernetes Engine, TensorFlow, Google BigQuery and a multitude of additional Google Cloud services.”

MadHive said its advertising platform now runs perfectly in Google’s cloud environment, maintaining low latency and high availability for all users, even when it experiences unexpected surges in traffic. The company said it’s saving around 60% in costs on cloud services with Google, thanks to SADA’s efforts in building more efficient scaling and performance-optimized reads and writes.

“SADA has been instrumental in helping us through even our most nuanced and sophisticated technical needs,” said MadHive Chief Scientist Aaron Brown. “With their help, we move from research to deployment, sometimes within the very same day.”

MadHive says demand for its advertising platform has grown rapidly, and that it’s eager to offer new products that enable “sophisticated cross-screen planning and precision targeting” to its customers. But those products will demand even greater artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data resources.

As such, MadHive has decided to expand its use of Google’s cloud services, and once again it will rely on SADA’s expertise to help.

“MadHive has incredibly aggressive technology, compute power and system performance needs, and a mandate to become the world’s leading ad-tech firm,” said SADA Chief Executive Officer Tony Safoian. “They’ve spent the past three years pushing the limits on Google Cloud and having seen a clear ROI.”

Image: Google

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