UPDATED 09:00 EST / OCTOBER 20 2020


Banyan Security adds new access features to its zero-trust platform

Security firm Banyan Security today announced new features in its Zero Trust Remote Access Platform that are designed to assist access to critical engineering resources.

The new features help engineers and software developers access the engineering resources and environments they need while providing a uniform security posture across the entire corporate organization without the need for a virtual private network. Zero trust refers to the assumption that no device or person on a network is trusted without checking first.

Banyan’s new capabilities provide secure remote access to key developer resources such as the Kubernetes application programming interface, development environments, servers, web applications, infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service environments.

Access to the given environments is based on the sensitivity of the application and the data as well as user, device type and security posture. On the security side, Banyan’s real-time, continuous authorization platform reflects the overall security posture, including the ability to revoke access midsession based on the Banyan TrustScore accounting for user privilege changes or devices being compromised.

The company’s TrustScore is key to each request in granting and monitoring access based on trusted users, devices and privilege while continuously reevaluating that trust throughout the duration of the access. Banyan leverages its existing security investments in identity and access management, mobile device management, endpoint detection and response and user behavior analytics to create and maintain the user and device trust score. In the event that any of those services reports a compromise or detect a vulnerability, Banyan reassesses the TrustScore and can revoke access to a session immediately, minimizing risk.

“Engineers access the company’s crown jewels on a regular basis and that makes them a prime target for hackers,” Banyan Security Chief Executive Officer Jayanth Gummaraju explained. “In a single day an engineer or contractors with different privileges might have to access everything from internal servers to AWS or Azure to Kubernetes to GitHub. It’s an incredibly complex security problem to manage access for multiple personas to each resource and it requires a much more nuanced solution than VPNs to keep them safe.”

Banyan Security was last in the news in November when it raised $17 million in new funding to allow it to accelerate product development.

Image: Banyan Security

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