UPDATED 12:00 EDT / JUNE 02 2021


TruEra launches TruEra Monitoring to accurately debug AI in production

TruEra Inc., an artificial intelligence quality solutions and explainability specialist company, today announced the launch of TruEra Monitoring, the first highly accurate debugging solution for monitoring machine learning models in production.

This will allow enterprise teams to better understand what machine learning models are doing while operating, but contextualize them faster. That enables them to take action when things start to drift off course, perhaps even before bias in the model is detected by the production team.

“We heard clearly from our customers that what they really needed was a solution that goes beyond basic machine learning performance,” said Shayak Sen, chief technology officer of TruEra. “TruEra Monitoring is based on our powerful AI Quality Platform, featuring world-class AI explainability and model quality analytics.”

By providing a method of explaining to the root cause of a problem, TrueEra Monitoring lowers the incidence of false alarms caused by blind spots in monitoring. For example, a machine learning model could be suffering from drift or quality degradation, making effective debugging difficult without a tool capable of pinpointing the underlying problem.

“This means that TruEra Monitoring not only quickly identifies and alerts you to emerging issues but also accurately pinpoints the cause of those issues so that data scientists can quickly debug models and get them back to high performance,” said Sen. “It’s a game-changer for data science teams, who are tired of wild goose chases.”

With the ability to easily track and monitor machine learning performance, enterprise teams can troubleshoot AI operations and keep them on track.

For example, TruEra Monitoring allows data science and machine learning operations teams to understand how models are performing and how performance has been changing as data is being ingested, determine the emerging issues and the underlying cause, and most importantly how to resolve them.

“While most organizations that leverage ML models understand the importance of testing for model quality prior to deployment, they lack a way to effectively monitor the performance of those models once deployed,” said Will Uppington, co-founder and chief executive of TruEra. “TruEra Monitoring is designed to provide the broadest and deepest view into model performance, with fast, precise debugging.”

Image: geralt/Pixabay

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