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Public cloud data protection startup Laminar exits stealth and closes on $32M funding

Cloud data protection startup Laminar Ltd. exited stealth mode today after closing on a new $32 million round of funding.

The company says it’s on a mission to prevent data leakage from everything that enterprises build and run in the public cloud. Today’s Series A round was led by Insight Partners and also saw participation from SentinelOne, TLV Partners and Meron Capital, bringing Laminar’s total amount raised so far to $37 million.

Laminar has built what would appear to be a straightforward cloud data security platform that offers three capabilities designed to help companies safeguard their cloud data.

First, it helps customers to discover all of their cloud-hosted data and classify it based on its sensitivity, providing complete visibility into what information is potentially at risk. Second, it enables users to secure and control that data to improve overall risk posture. Third, in the event data leakage does occur, the platform helps users detect and remediate the issue without interrupting the flow of data within the organization.

Laminar admits that none of these capabilities is especially unique, but it reckons it has solved the challenge of how to do all of them in a way that’s simple and without causing any friction. Legacy data protection tools typically make use of agents or filter data traffic through proxies, slowing things down. So Laminar has created a novel agentless and asynchronous approach that it says has no impact on performance or data flow.

The approach allows Laminar to provide continuous monitoring of both managed and unmanaged data stores, enabling sanctioned data movement and providing alerts when something else happens.

Laminar is led by its co-founders and lifelong friends, Chief Executive Amit Shaked and Chief Technology Officer Oran Avraham.

“As organizations transition to the cloud and build applications cloud-fist, businesses are moving at record pace,” Shaked said. “These transformations often make life easier, however for chief information security officers and data security professionals, their job is more difficult than ever before as data protection teams are left in the dark.”

Josh Jaffe, president of the Global Center for Cybersecurity and longtime Fortune 500 CISO, said Laminar has created some promising technology.

“Data protection teams are blind to where sensitive data resides in the cloud, and legacy data protection solutions are no longer keeping pace with evolving cloud environments,” he explained. “Laminar is launching at a time when these teams are in desperate need of cloud-native data security platforms purpose built for cloud environments.”

Laminar said it will use today’s funding to expand its engineering and go-to-market teams. It also plans to establish a new data security research team.

Image: Laminar

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