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Apple reportedly acquires UK startup AI Music

Apple Inc. has reportedly acquired AI Music, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to create tailor-made music.

As is typical with companies that Apple acquires, there is no official confirmation or denial of the acquisition. Bloomberg reported today that the deal was complete in recent weeks and the company had about two dozen employees before the deal.

According to an Internet Archive record of the AI Music website, the company pitched itself as “music that listens to you.” The company used AI to create “royalty-free adaptive music solutions for innovative sonic adventures that care about how they sound.”

AI Music claimed that its patented technology means music retains human emotion across genres and styles and can be shaped around user need. The perfect song or stream, available at the touch of a button, with no disruption to creative flow or user experience.

The company also claimed that its technology powers user co-creation to create fully licensed music solutions that meet these changing demands. The colorful descriptions don’t end there, with AI Music claiming it offers “technology that works like magic” to empower cutting-edge dynamic music via lightning-fast application programming interfaces that can be easily integrated into any application.

“AI Music enables users to create on-demand royalty-free music that can be used and shared anywhere,” the company claimed on its now-defunct website. “Simple, friction-free, Music As A Service licensing model offers transparent and scalable pricing regardless of where and how users want to use it. ”

The company’s partners prior to acquisition included Ad Swiss Net AG, BIMA, Universal Music Group N.V., Made Music Studio, Hornet Networks Ltd., Abbey Road Red and Publicis Groupe SA. According to Pitchbook, AI Music last raised $4.98 million in early-stage venture capital funding in March. Investors included Alpha Intelligence Capital Fund and Abbey Road Red.

What Apple plans to do with the company is pure speculation. 9to5Mac suggested that Apple could use it to generate unique soundtracks for Apple Fitness+ subscribers, or even to create ambient sounds in real time with HomePod.

This isn’t Apple’s first reported acquisition in the music business. Apple acquired classical music service Primephonic in August 2021.

Image: AI Music/Twitter

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