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Calyptia raises $5M in seed funding to accelerate observability for enterprises

Observability startup Calyptia Inc. said today it has closed on a $5 million seed funding round led by Sierra Ventures and Carbide Ventures as it looks to solve the problem of getting insights out of application’s log and event data at scale.

Calyptia has built what it says is the first comprehensive enterprise platform to manage observability data at scale, helping organizations gain immediate insights into the performance of their applications.

The company said the so-called first-mile observability it provides refers to its unique ability to collect and analyze data at its source, using that information to provide more immediate insights into system performance. That’s superior to traditional observability, Calyptia says, as existing technologies require that apps and systems data is first routed to back-end “last mile storage” before it can be analyzed.

Calyptia reckons that traditional approach simply won’t do in an age where most enterprises are working with distributed information technology systems made up of hundreds of “internet of things” and edge applications deployed across public and private clouds. Calyptia co-founder Eduardo Silva (pictured, left) said modernization of observability collection methods is currently underway, with developers keen to be able to analyze data closer to where it is created.

“Calyptia meets this moment by bringing first-mile observability to the enterprise, a whole ecosystem of developer tools and first-class open-source implementations for different observability platforms,” Silva said. “Not only does Calpytia give businesses insight and control over the data flow, it also provides insight and control over the data that is in the flow.”

The company was developed and built by the creators and chief maintainers of the open-source Fluent Bit and Fluentd tools that are widely used by enterprises for event data collection. Calyptia’s other co-founder, Anurag Gupta (pictured, right), said the startup’s platform can be thought of as a more accessible and enterprise-friendly version of Fluent Bit.

“First-mile observability is about developers and practitioners being able to get insights about their systems as soon as possible, within that first mile,” Gupta explained. “The quicker an organization can diagnose, troubleshoot and respond, the better their systems will perform — and the business as a whole will benefit.”

Calyptia said its Calyptia Enterprise for Fluent Bit offering comes with extensive developer toolsets that simplify enterprise adoption, integrating with existing observability backends to improve analytics systems and reduce costs.

“Calyptia solves a really difficult problem — how to quickly and efficiently get intelligence out of log and event data at scale in the enterprise,” said Tim Guleri, managing partner at Sierra Ventures. “The amount of value this solution can bring to enterprises is really unprecedented. For the first time, businesses can get immediate insight into their systems to enable real-time troubleshooting and performance optimization.”

Photo: Calyptia

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