UPDATED 21:19 EDT / JUNE 28 2022


Nasuni buys Storage Made Easy to make storage easy for remote workers

Cloud file data services firm Nasuni Corp. is expanding its capabilities to remote workers with the acquisition of Vehara Ltd., which is better known as Storage Made Easy.

Nasuni announced the acquisition for an undisclosed price today, saying it will buy the entire company and its full product set, adding its staff to its own teams.

Nasuni is the provider of a unique file storage platform that’s comprised of a network-attached storage appliance, which can store data either locally or in the cloud. Nasuni claims its appliance effectively has unlimited data storage capacity, removing the need for customers that want data available on-premises to upgrade their hardware regularly.

The idea with Nasuni’s file storage system is that the most useful and frequently accessed data is stored on-premises, where it can be reached much faster. Meanwhile the less-often accessed data is stored in the cloud in various Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud regions for redundancy purposes.

As for Storage Made Easy, founded in 2009, it provides an interface through which users can access various different data storage silos such as File Transfer Protocol, SharePoint, Windows File Servers, email, Salesforce and Basecamp. The idea is that customers can search through all of these storage resources from a single interface, known as Enterprise File Fabric, while applying common policies. In other words, it provides a single pane of glass for enterprises’ cloud and on-premises file and object storage, simplifying remote work and compliance.

Nasuni said that by buying SME, it will now be able to expose files safely that are stored in its infrastructure to remote workers, no matter where they’re located. SME provides desktop synchronization for offline data access. It also accelerates access to file data for remote workers, while enabling communication through Microsoft Teams, Slack and Office 365 and ensuring regulatory compliance.

SME founder and Chief Executive Jim Liddle told Blocks and Files that his company first partnered with Nasuni three years ago, and that the companies have several joint customers as a result. The partnership led to deep technology integration and alignment, to the extent that an acquisition made sense, he said.

“Nasuni addresses the core storage and ransomware/backup piece while we add data management and application solutions for accelerated VPN-less ‘anywhere’ access coupled with real-time data compliance,” Liddle said.

Nasuni CEO Paul Flanagan said the addition of SME’s remote work and compliance capabilities means that organizations have yet more compelling reasons to want to modernize their file data infrastructures.

“Providing secure, high-performance access to file data from any location while complying with a stringent regulatory landscape is challenging every IT organization,” he said. “This adds further capabilities to our ‘work from anywhere’ strategy, accelerating our file data services leadership.”

The acquisition of Storage Made Easy follows a busy few months for Nasuni. The company raised $60 million through an equity funding round in March and wasted little time in putting that money to use, acquiring DBM Cloud Systems Inc. for an undisclosed price in May. DBM is a provider of cloud-native data migration technology for hybrid and multicloud environments.

Photo: Nasuni

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