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Nasuni partners with Google on cloud-based file storage for enterprises

Cloud file storage provider Nasuni Corp. said today it’s partnering with Google LLC to offer a new enterprise-grade, cloud-based file storage service that it says is not only easy to use but reliable and affordable.

Nasuni sells a unique file storage platform that consists of a network-attached storage appliance that can store data locally or offload it to a cloud storage provider. This capability means that Nasuni’s appliances effectively provide unlimited storage capacity, removing the need for customers to plan and carry out complicated hardware upgrades every time their trove of data outgrows their internal infrastructure.

Nasuni said its partnership with Google will allow customers to take advantage of that system, combined with Google Cloud’s object storage economics. Customers will get access to low-cost primary file storage that can be stored on-premises that integrates with Google’s object storage services.

That will enable higher-performance with primary file storage, plus backup, disaster recovery, multisite synchronization and edge caching capabilities, Nasuni said. Moreover, it will cost up to 70% less than traditional file infrastructures, the company said.

Nasuni said customers will be able to realize significant cost savings with the service compared with refreshing their traditional on-premises storage systems, and can do so without sacrificing on performance.

Customers will also benefit from easier access to Google services such as its data analytics and artificial intelligence tools that enable them to act on their data.

Andrew Smith, a research manager at International Data Corp., said that while most information technology services have evolved with the cloud, file storage has been left behind because of its complexity and cost. But he said that with Nasuni’s offering, it’s clear that the dynamics in the marketplace are now shifting.

“The new partnership between Nasuni and Google Cloud is significant, as it is designed to address evolving customer expectations for cloud storage,” Smith said.

Nasuni said its new file storage offering is available now in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Photo: Nasuni/Facebook

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