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Data analytics provider Seek AI launches new B2B SaaS platform

Data analytics platform provider Seek AI Inc. has today launched a new business-to-business software-as-a-service platform that automates the mundane, repetitive work that data professionals perform within many organizations.

The new platform is designed to allow data teams to automate and oversee database query projects to improve productivity, especially for sales and marketing purposes. The platform users artificial intelligence to reduce errors and efficiencies from an organization’s data team to deliver projects in less time and at a reduced cost.

Underlying the platform is what Seek AI describes as complex deep-learning foundation models with hundreds of billions of parameters. The models use the same technology behind OpenAI Inc.’s DALL-E and GPT-3 and are said to be powerful enough to understand natural language commands and generate high-quality code to instantly query databases.

“We’ve built a platform that uses artificial intelligence to reduce inefficiencies in accessing data,” Seek AI co-founder and Chief Executive Sarah Nagy explained. “Currently, data scientists and business analysts waste time manually writing repetitive code. We’ve automated that process with sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning.”

Seek AI’s natural language interface enables users to ask questions and receive immediate answers. Knowledge workers can access Seek AI’s natural language interface using email, Slack, text and various customer relationship management systems.

In one example use case with alternative financial dataset provider Battlefin Group Inc., Seek AI delivered what both companies said were fast, high-quality answers to customers’ questions, giving the company an edge over its competitors.

“Seek AI played a critical role in our company’s 2023 strategy because of the edge that it gives us in accessing and analyzing our 2,400-plus datasets in response to customer questions,” said Battlefin CEO Tim Harrington. “I’d estimate that our return on investment on Seek AI is about 10 times based on what we would have spent to achieve this level of efficiency without the platform.”

Seek AI is a privately held company and listed on Pitchbook as having raised seed funding in both January and April this year. Differential Ventures is an investor in the company, having interviewed Nagy about the company in July.

Image: Seek AI

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