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Aryaka brings SD-WAN and SASE networks to smaller businesses

Secure access service edge provider Aryaka Networks Inc. said today it’s targeting small and medium-sized enterprises with enhanced software-defined networking and SASE solutions.

Aryaka is building a globally distributed and cloud-based network infrastructure that’s oriented toward transporting enterprise data quickly across long distances. It claims it can simplify the management of long-distance connections within an enterprise’s network while also providing faster and more reliable connectivity for applications, devices and public cloud infrastructure.

Aryaka’s approach is based on SASE network technology that converges networking and security in an all-in-one service. According to Aryaka, SASE is ideal because it provides enterprises with the security, connectivity and flexibility they need to adapt in an unpredictable and distributed world, where applications and employees can live anywhere.

The company said its latest offering is available now with entry pricing of just $150 per site and provides SMEs with a comprehensive set of managed service capabilities compared to the alternatives. Those managed services include application optimization, network security, multicloud connectivity and cloud-based observability and control, all of which are supported by lifecycle services management. Moreover, Aryaka says, its managed service experience has now been tailored to smaller enterprises, which can now adopt SASE without having to choose among affordability, performance and ease of use.

In its pitch, Aryaka points out that SMEs have traditionally struggled when it comes to networking and security because they lack the skilled information technology resources and budget, so operational simplicity becomes a priority. Aryaka says its new software-defined wide-area network and SASE offerings are a game-changer because they’re easy to manage, yet cost effective and resilient. Using Aryaka’s services, SMEs will be able to adopt more managed services, the company said.

The same view is shared by Holger Mueller, an analyst with Constellation Research Inc., who said that until now SD-WAN and SASE have always been too complex for smaller enterprises to adopt readily. “Aryaka makes SD-WAN and SASE available and affordable for SMEs, thus allowing them to level the playing field with large enterprise competitors,” he said.

Aryaka Chief Commercial Officer Dennis Monner said the company has actively taken steps to address the specific network and security challenges faced by SMEs. “No matter if 10 or 10,000 users depend on Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or access workloads in a cloud to be productive and protected from security threats, one bad experience is one too many, and SMEs deserve a first-class service experience equal to large enterprises while meeting their budgetary needs,” he said. “Our revamped offerings bring our highly regarded agile deployment at an affordable price point to SMEs.”

Image: Aryaka

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