UPDATED 09:00 EDT / MARCH 29 2023


Perception Point partners with Cloudinary to deliver advanced threat protection

Email and collaboration security startup Perception Point Inc. today announced a new partnership with software-as-a-service technology company Cloudinary Ltd. to deliver advanced threat protection to Cloudinary customers.

Under the partnership, Cloudinary customers can now protect their websites and services with the Perception Point malware detection add-on, available on the Cloudinary App Store. The service allows users to upload assets for dynamic scanning in near-real time for accurate next-generation detection of advanced content-borne attacks against users’ websites and services.

Perception Point Malware Detection scans ingested content, such as documents, images, videos and other files, with multiple static and dynamic detection engine layers. An anti-evasion layer recursively unpacks the files, including embedded files and web addresses, which are then dynamically scanned within an average of 10 seconds, a figure claimed to be 40 times faster than legacy sandboxing technology, with a 99.95% detection rate.

The cloud-native add-on is easy to deploy and use, has virtually zero scanning delays and is limitless in scale according to Perception Point. The service does not tamper or manipulate the scanned content in any way and provides a straightforward, highly effective solution for Cloudinary users looking to intercept malicious attacks such as phishing, malware, ransomware, advanced persistent threats and zero-day or yet-unpatched vulnerabilities.

Using Perception Point’s Advanced Malware Detection add-on, Cloudinary customers can boost their cloud-based media library and delivery capabilities by automatically scanning both their assets and those uploaded by their users to intercept and block malicious content.

Cloudinary customers also gain access to the Perception Point fully managed Incident Response service at no added cost. The service provides them with 24/7 incident management, analysis, rapid remediation and on-the-fly creation of new algorithms and rules that help monitor, manage and respond to ongoing threats.

Perception Point is a venture capital-backed startup, most recently having raised $28 million in a Series B round in April 2021. Investors include Red Dot Capital Partners LLC, NGP Capital LLC, Pitango Venture Capital Management Ltd. and State of Mind Ventures LLC.

Image: Perception Point

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