UPDATED 08:00 EDT / APRIL 18 2023


Swimlane-AWS partnership brings low-code automation to Amazon Security Lake

Low-code security automation company Swimlane LLC today announced a new strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services Inc. and said its Swimlane Turbine product is now a cloud-native platform.

The partnership sees Swimlane’s low-code automation platform Turbine now integrating with Amazon Security Lake. Security Lake is a purpose-built security data lake from AWS that helps organizations aggregate, manage and analyze log and event data to enable faster threat detection, investigation and incident response.

Turbine and Amazon Security Lake offer Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework support, with the integration said to offer mutual business value and a seamless customer experience. The partnership provides Security Lake customers with a cost-effective solution that accelerates investigation and response when threats occur in AWS environments, according to Swimlane.

Turbine applies automation to AWS data to help expedite the adoption of new security tools, increasing the return on investment of an organization’s entire security program. It also delivers faster time to value for customers, the company says.

As an official independent software vendor partner, AWS customers can use prepaid credits to purchase Swimlane Turbine through the AWS Marketplace. Existing Turbine and AWS Security Lake customers get this integration at no additional cost.

The Turbine integration is claimed to be easy to set up, with automated ingestion, correlation and response actions derived from various AWS services, including GuardDuty, Macie, CloudTrail, Route53 and VPC Flow logs. Turbine’s OCSF-compliant content removes the need for developers to create custom maps for security alerts from new data sources.

Key features include multitenant infrastructure and applications with multi-region support, delivering lower costs for goods sold for service providers and managed security service providers so that they improve the cost efficiency of their security offerings and maximize return on investment.

The integration is also claimed to deliver high scalability. Turbine’s cloud-native infrastructure provides auto-scaling that allows for rapid elasticity and resource pooling to enable automated onboarding of new customers and the ability to autoscale to support increases in workloads.

With support for cloud-native computing, Swimlane claims, its infrastructure provides continuous integration and continuous delivery, resulting in 99.9% availability and zero downtime updates. The service also delivers a “serverless-like experience,” with Turbine remote agents allowing customers to run any language function inside the agent.

“As one of the only SOAR launch partners for Amazon Security Lake, Swimlane’s partnership with AWS uniquely enables security customers to harness the power of Turbine to accelerate automation across their security program regardless of the technology stack,” Mike Kay, senior vice president of business development at Swimlane, said in a statement.

Image: Swimlane

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