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Rubrik aims to reinvent cybersecurity with supercloud vision and AI-driven approach

Since there is no silver bullet to the cybersecurity issue based on the lack of 100% prevention, risk management is of the essence.

To create a consistent experience across clouds for enhanced data security, Rubrik Inc. aligns with the supercloud vision by using a single policy engine housed in the Rubrik Security Cloud, which is formed by merging cybersecurity, data protection and backup and recovery concepts, according to Bipul Sinha (pictured), co-founder, chair and chief executive officer of Rubrik.

“The Rubrik Security Cloud is the single place to manage and secure all your data across all your data states, across all the clouds whether it is SaaS, on-premises or large cloud service providers,” Sinha said. “In some ways, we are delivering supercloud data security. The most important innovation for us was making sure that all of your data is protected with zero-trust architecture, and that was the core innovation of Rubrik, plus the policy engine and threat intelligence and event response.”

Sinha spoke with theCUBE industry analyst Dave Vellante at the Supercloud 3: Security, AI and the Supercloud event, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed how Rubrik is revamping the cybersecurity sector.

Lowering the barrier to cybersecurity through AI

As bad actors become more sophisticated by the day, the use of artificial intelligence will be pivotal when enhancing cybersecurity. Rubrik employs this cutting-edge technology when performing cyber remediation and recovery operations, according to Sinha.

“The AI is a groundbreaking opportunity for the whole industry,” he noted. “We just announced a partnership with Microsoft and a product integration where we bring Rubrik Security Cloud plus Microsoft Sentinel plus the Azure OpenAI service together to really simplify cyber remediation, cyber recovery. If we can apply artificial intelligence, generative AI to lower the barrier and automate the cybersecurity response, it’s a significant leap.”

Even though AI will be a game-changer in the cybersecurity field, attackers will use it to their advantage, as shown by the proliferation of ransomware as a service. Fighting fire with fire will be important, because GenAI will augment human capacity when dealing with such cyberattacks, Sinha pointed out.

“On the other side, generative AI is also helping bad people create more malware attacks, more ransomware attacks,” he said. “In some way, we have to fight fire with fire, and in this world of machine-to-machine attack, we have to deploy generative AI technology to really automate our security operations and really comprehend the cyberattacks, because it has gone beyond human comprehension.”

Access and data are of the essence in cybersecurity

Most challenges in the cybersecurity area boil down to being an access or data problem. Rubrik pushes for a cyber-resilient future by putting data and access management at the center, according to Sinha

“As long as we can secure access and data, we can secure the digital future, we can secure the digital life, and that’s where the cyber industry is going and everything will boil down to access and data,” he stated. “Our goal was to transform the legacy backup and recovery into a data security platform that not only drives the traditional backup recovery capabilities, but fundamentally gives cyber resilience and cyber recovery.”

Businesses require a comprehensive strategy that boosts basic hygiene when tackling emerging threats. Rubrik provides infrastructure visibility and control for heightened security based on looming attacks, Sinha pointed out.

“In our own Rubrik Zero Labs reports, what we found was two-thirds of the attacks are known problems that people didn’t patch,” he explained. “Only one-third of the attack is zero day. I think the number one thing in cyber is visibility and control.”

Out-of-the-box strategies are required in cybersecurity. For instance, prevention should be complemented with resilience so that a complete framework is available to this sector, according to Sinha.

“The combination of the prevention plus the resilience is the complete cyber strategy, zero trust end-to-end,” he stated. “Our job is to combine this prevention strategy with resilience strategy across supercloud, multicloud world to deliver fundamental business resilience.”

Here’s the complete video interview, part of SiliconANGLE’s and theCUBE’s coverage of the Supercloud 3: Security, AI and the Supercloud event:

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