Time-series database startup InfluxData debuts self-managed version of InfluxDB

InfluxData Inc., the startup behind the time-series database InfluxDB, today announced the general availability of a new version of its platform called InfluxDB Clustered.

According to the company, it’s a self-managed flavor of InfluxDB that can be deployed in on-premises data centers and private clouds, optimized for high-performance real-time analytics. The open-source InfluxDB database is designed to handle information that’s processed chronologically, hence the “time-series” moniker. InfluxData says time can provide critical context to help understand data, allowing users to anticipate and determine trends over time.

As an example, heat readings from industrial temperature sensors need to be recorded in the order they’re created, with precise timestamps, to allow companies to track how heat fluctuates over long periods of time. This kind of context is useful in a wide range of applications, including performance monitoring.

InfluxDB makes it possible to store and analyze time-series data easily. The database is notably simple to deploy and optimized for high performance, with its ability to perform millions of data operations per second, InfluxData claims. Last year, it massively expanded the number of data sources it can support with the addition of edge data replication function that allows chronological information to be collected from distributed assets such as sensors.

InfluxData said InfluxDB Clustered is the next evolution of the InfluxDB Enterprise platform, aimed at private clouds and on-premises environments. Customers gain all of the capabilities of the standard InfluxDB platform, with the added advantage that it comes packaged and configured for their unique hosting environments and data storage requirements. InfluxDB Clustered can be deployed natively in any Kubernetes environment in any location, the company said.

InfluxDB Clustered boasts all of the capabilities of the most recent InfluxDB 3.0 release, enabling up to 100 times faster queries on high-cardinality data — with a lot of values in a column — than the prior version of InfluxDB Enterprise, the company said. It also supports 45 times faster data ingest speeds and enables a 90% reduction in storage costs, which is achieved by its use of lower-cost object storage, novel data compression techniques, and the separation of compute and storage.

On the security and compliance side, InfluxData said, InfluxDB Clustered provides full encryption of data in transit and at rest. It also will soon support private networking options, single sign-on, attribute-based access controls, and compliance with the System and Organization Controls 2 and International Organization for Standardization standards.

The launch of InfluxDB Clustered comes weeks after the company announced InfluxDB Cloud Dedicated, which is a fully-managed and scalable, single-tenant version for public cloud platforms. Taken together, enterprises now have multiple options for hosting and managing highly scalable time-series workloads, the company said.

InfluxData’s Brian Gilmore, director of IoT and emerging technology, along with Lead Developer Advocate Anais Dotis-Georgiou and Director of Engineering Tim Yocum, dropped by theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio, last November. They discussed the evolution of time-series data and how they’re improving the InfluxDB database in response to those trends:

Image: SplitShire/Pixabay

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