Data infrastructure and analytics startup MotherDuck raises $52.5M

Data infrastructure and analytics startup MotherDuck Corp. announced today that it has raised $52.5 million in new funding on a $400 million valuation and that it will no longer have a waitlist for those interested in trying its platform.

Founded in 2022 by Jordan Tigani, who worked at Google LLC for over a decade, MotherDuck offers a serverless data analytics platform based on the open-source database DuckDB. DuckDB is an in-process SQL Online Analytical Processing database management system known for its simplicity, rich features and speed. It’s designed to handle complex analytical queries on large datasets efficiently.

MotherDuck argues that big data is a term that has diminished in usefulness thanks to recent advances in hardware. Combining that belief with the accelerating adoption of DuckDB, MotherDuck aims to deliver the elegance and speed of an in-process database with the collaboration and scalability of the cloud. An in-process database is one in which the database engine sits within an application so data and be moved more quickly.

The company says that the early adoption of its platform has validated its belief that data technology needs to focus on analyst experience. As DuckDB has continued to evolve rapidly, MotherDuck has been able to add collaboration and scalability of the cloud for organizations that want to use DuckDB at a larger scale.

Since launching its cloud analytics platform in June, MotherDuck has announced 16 integrations with the platform. Along with the funding announcement today, the company is announcing 11 new integrations, with support for Cube, dltHub Inc., Evidence Inc., GoodData Corp., Kestra Inc., Metabase Inc., InfinyOn Inc., LlamaIndex Inc., Sling Inc., Streamlit Inc. and Voltron Data Inc.

Felicis Ventures Inc. led the Series B round, with a16z (Andreessen Horowitz LLC), Madrona Venture Group LLC, Amplify Partners LLC, Altimeter Capital Management LP, Redpoint Ventures LLC and Zero Prime Venture LP also participating. Including a round of $35 million in November, MotherDuck has raised $100 million to date.

“Our initial funding allowed us to grow our engineering team to get our platform launched and in use by almost 2,000 analysts,” Chief Executive Officer Tigani said in a statement. “With this funding and the momentum surrounding our platform and DuckDB’s adoption, the sky’s the limit.”

Photo: Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr

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